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Page 116 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, July 2014

Three colours red

Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari flew the flag for Italy with elegant style – and success. How they did it, so rapidly after the ravages of war, is a remarkable tale grounded in politics and passionWriter Richard Williams Alfa Romeo’s team of cherry-red Tipo 158s took the first three places in the inaugural round of the Formula 1 world championship at Silverstone on May 13, 1950, with Nino Farina...

Page 76 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, February 2014

The Corse of true love

…never did run smooth between garagista Enzo Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Yet their turbulent partnership through the 1930s laid the bedrock of the Ferrari legend Writer Paul Fearnley A chill March day yet his car is naked: tubes, wires, rivets. He’s road-tested bare chassis before. That, though, was a long time ago, and this is momentously different. In suit, shirt and tie, he, never the most agile,...

Page 68 of June 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, June 2010

The 1000-mile dare

It was a bold decision to pit MG’s diminutive K3 against the gruelling roads of the Mille Miglia, but Earl Howe believed in backing Britain…By Andrew Frankel Listening to the MG K3 Magnette start for the first time is a little like watching your toddler have his first tantrum. There you are, shocked to a standstill, struck dumb and unable to compute how so much noise could possibly be coming out...

Page 2 of August 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, August 1940

The political significance of motor racing

ALTHOUGH the war has brought motor racing to a standstill, its political importance is such that, apart altogether from the sentiments of the enthusiast, it should be encouraged with all possible fervour as soon as Peace breaks out. The uninitiated are for ever asking what is the value of this dangerous and complicated undertaking. They have been answered by hosts of authorities. Sir Henry...

Page 21 of February 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 2008

Price record broken

Sometimes you can’t predict what sole-survivors will sell for When extremely rare cars come up for auction, it is usually quite hard to put an estimate on them. The final price is decided more by how many people are bidding rather than what the car is really worth. Bonhams recently sold the world’s oldest surviving Rolls-Royce for a record £3.9 million when their estimate was a paltry £1m. The...

Page 80 of December 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, December 2004

Substance with style

Giuseppe Farina is rarely listed among the greats. He deserves more credit, says Mike Lawrence In 1950 Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina became Formula One's first world champion, yet he remains among the least known. In his day sportsmen were rarely interviewed, and besides, he was an intensely private person who hated even posing for photographs. In modern terms he was a sponsor's worst nightmare, yet...

Page 29 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, April 1979

Matters of moment

The end in sight When we were younger, between very small and adolescent, a sandwich-man bearing placards inscribed "THE END IS NIGH - PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD" put the fear of the Lord into us. It wasn't that we were any more sinful than most developing male children, simply that there was always the latest Meccano model to finish or other enjoyable tasks to complete, which called for unrationed...

Page 88 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, April 1997

First class honours from Oxford

Three untried MG K3s set out on the 1933 Mille Miglia to beat the Maseratis. it was a tall order, says Gordon Cruickshank "Tiny MGs beat giants of three nations!" "British Drivers Smile at Death for 1000 Miles And Win!" To British newspaper readers in 1933, it sounded like outright victory in the toughest open road-race of all the Mille Miglia. It wasn't quite that sensational, but it was a...

Page 34 of November 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, November 1948


SIDESLIPS by "BALADEUR" Q-W-3 THE tumult and the recent shouting on the subject having fortunately died away somewhat, I conceive that it is now my turn to weigh in on the perilous subject of international racing colours. And first of all, let me make it quite clear that it is not my intention to try to persuade anyone to paint their B.R.M. Bugatti blue instead of Sunbeam green (which,...


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