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Page 32 of December 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, December 1970


A section devoted to old-car matters To Brighton by Benz I have been on more Veteran Car Runs to Brighton than it is perhaps expedient to count. But this year, entries being restricted, the Montagu Motor Museum which, in recent years, has generously provided me with a pre-1905 car to drive, was permitted but one vehicle, Lord Montagu's 1899 Daimler Phaeton. So I had no plans and intended to give...

Page 76 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, November 1993

Boddy language

Party pieces Competition events apart, another fun aspect of the vintage-car movement is the private party to commemorate, even celebrate, some occasion in the career of a particular motor car. One would have to delve far back into automotive history to discover who first organised such an occasion. The Emancipation Run from London to Brighton, to mark the lifting of some of the more onorous...

Page 99 of December 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, December 1998


The 1998 Penrite Oil Award for outstanding achievement in the historic vehicle world has been awarded to Brooklands Museum for its recent developments, including the acquisition of the lap-record Napier Railton and the Motoring Village, which is to feature a British GP exhibition from 1926 to the present day (although this race was only held at Brooklands in 1926 and 1927). Following our...

Page 44 of December 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1994


Alfa's man, Alfa’s biscuit. Twenty minutes beforehand he had looked like death warmed up, ensconced in his Alfa Romeo swathed in so many coats that he resembled Michelin's Mr Bibendum. Now he and his mechanics were celebrating with the euphoria that the hapless Franco Baresi and Roberto Baggio Italy's World Cup Final penalty-fluffers must still dream about. Gabriele Tarquini had defied a chronic...

Page 63 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, June 1992

Logo history

I have never understood change simply for the sake of change. You have to be a promotions man or an artist to do so. So I was a bit taken aback to learn that Renault has changed its logo again. In 1900 it was a badge incorporating the initials of the Renault freres. By 1906 it had become a circle enclosing a head-on view of a Renault chassis. After the First World War a Renault tank was used,...


January 2020
Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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