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Page 90 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, December 2014

Lunch with... Alastair Caldwell

He rose from cleaner to team manager at McLaren, walked out on Bernie Ecclestone and then found a way to fund a passion for fine cars Writer: Simon Taylor | Photographer: James Mitchell Spending a day or even an hour with Alastair Caldwell, listening to his fund of stories about Formula 1 from the inside 40 or more years ago, is an unforgettable experience. As a callow, penniless 24-year-old,...

Page 33 of May 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, May 1976

Obituary- H.J Aldington

Another link with the old days of motoring sport has been severed with the sad demise, following a stroke and long illness, of H. J. Aldington. "Aldy" will be forever remembered by the "Chain Gang" as the Father of the Frazer Nash movement, from 1927 onwards. He had been a disciple of H. R. Godfrey and "Archie" Frazer-Nash, as a Frazer Nash salesman, his proud boast according to Thirlby, being...

Page 56 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 1975

Showmanship and Stability the key to NASCAR success

Although the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has been an exclusively post-war development on the racing scene in the United States, it now holds a position of strength as one of the healthiest racing formulae in the World. In Europe, saloon-car racing has enjoyed great popularity over the past twenty years, but there has always been an underlying awareness that its role is...

Page 107 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 107, January 1998


D A Aldington The sad news that Don Aldington has died closes one more link with the old days of racing at Brooklands and the pre-war Frazer Nash cars. DA Aldington was the younger brother of HJ Aldington. As a young man he was trained as a wireless operator and rode a Ricardo Triumph motorcycle for relaxation. This soon palled, and he decided to follow brother HJ into the motor trade at first as...

Page 45 of August 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, August 1981

Endurance Racing Review

Porsche won its sixth victory in the Le Mans 24 Hour endurance classic held on June 13th/14th, eclipsing the successes of Jaguar and Bentley and moving ever closer to Ferrari's record of nine. But behind that little bit of history came another, even more remarkable feat, for Belgium's Jacky Ickx wrote himself into the record books by taking his fifth victory at la Sarthe, placing himself on a...

Page 22 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1994

The quiet man

A meeting many years ago Down Under sparked something big for both Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac but while one got the fame, the other shunned it. His classically simple, yet incredibly effective cars won championships in every category for which they were designed; Formulae One, Two, Three and Atlantic. They were so sought-after that buyers literally beat a path to his door. He not only became...

Page 29 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, March 1979

Matters of Moment

• The pride of France It is too early to say whether the Ligier JS11s that have won convincingly the first two 1979 Grands Prix, with a runaway 1-2 victory in Brazil, will dominate Formula One this year. But following Renault's Le Mans success last year, these results certainly emphasise the enthusiasm France is now showing for top-level motor racing. The triumphant appearance of a Le Mans...

Page 88 of February 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, February 2004

Over there & overlooked

Why don't we think of John Fitzpatrick as a sports car star? Because his major successes came in the States, says Gary Watkins The question 'Who won the most major sportscar races at the wheel of Porsche's 935 in all its iterations?' would undoubtedly yield some predictable answers. The name you'd probably get thrown back at you is Bob Wollek, the victor of more than a dozen DRM German Racing...

Page 18 of February 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, February 1993

The remarkable Mr Mears

Indycar racing may have gained Nigel Mansell and entranced Ayrton Senna, but its true King has just abdicated Amidst all the euphoria of Mansell and Senna and their transatlantic crossings, Rick Ravon Mears stepped from the spotlight last December. As ever, when he announced his intention to retire it was done quietly. Like his driving, there was minimal fuss. There was no hoopla, no public...

Page 114 of July 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, July 2009

Ford Mustang

Ford’s Mustang, its fastest-selling car since the Model A, still leads the field in historic events around the world By Richard Heseltine The Mustang represented the high watermark of 1960s marketing brilliance. In hindsight it all seems so simple. All that Ford did was raid the corporate parts bin. That and throw in some smoke and mirrors along with a suitably suggestive equine name. With great...



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