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Page 31 of November 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1972

Notes on the cars at Watkins Glen

The 31 cars in the superb Kendall Tech Centre at Watkins Glen included all 30 that had been resident at Mosport Park plus the Surtees TS14. Since Monza some work had been done to improve the fuel system and the brakes, and although Surtees did most of practice in it and Hailwoed tried it briefly, it was finally raced by Schenken who was making his last appearance for the team. All the T cars, at...

Page 34 of October 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 2005

Year Zero

1976: Gilles Villeneuve staggers the grand prix world before he's even sat in an F1 car. John Zimmermann describes an astounding season of dominance and the Formula Atlantic car a future legend made his name in The competition aligned against him was the toughest our hero had yet faced, but he gave a performance to crystallise his outstanding season and enable his legendary step into Formula One...

Page 39 of November 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1972

Canadian Grand Prix

Stewart back on top Mosport, Canada, September 24th. Jackie Stewart and Elf-Team Tyrrell will remember 1972 as a year of mixed fortunes. Stewart's season started off well enough with a win in Argentina but after that things started to go wrong. There was the ulcer that put him out of the Belgian Grand Prix and, prior to that, he had unaccountably spun at the Spanish GP which he now says was...

Page 62 of May 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 2012

Trans-Atlantic Roots

Raw, youthful Gilles Villeneuve set sail in North America's single-seater shallows. It was a tough voyage that would lead him directly to the shores of F1By Gordon Kirby Back in 1973, Gilles Villeneuve was a young snowmobile champion in his native Quebec unknown to most motor racing people even in la Belle Province, let alone the rest of the world. Gilles used some of his snowmobiling prize money...

Page 44 of November 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, November 1969

The Canadian Grand Prix

A one-two for Brabham Mosport Park, Canada, September 20th. The World Championship Grand Prix series is gradually becoming truly world-wide, the recently introduced Canadian Grand Prix extending the North American list to three events. Held at Mosport Park, near Toronto, the Canadian race organisers attracted a full field from Europe, and the addition of three local drivers made the entry list up...

Page 53 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, November 1971

Mosport Park mumblings

• Mark Donohue is very much a perfectionist and after his tremendous drive to third place in his first ever Grand Prix he was shrugging aside all congratulations. He felt it quite inexcusable to have to make a pit stop for a second pair of goggles and will obviously remember to wear a second pair round his neck in future. He was the only driver not wearing one of the all-enveloping Bell Star...

Page 38 of November 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 1968

Canadian Grand Prix

St. Jovite, 22nd September 1968. The first Canadian Grand Prix held last year at Mosport was sandwiched between the German Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix, which made travel arrangements rather difficult. This year the date of the race was moved to fall two weeks before the United States Grand Prix and the venue was changed to the 2.65-mile Mont Tremblant circuit, 60 miles north of...

Page 72 of January 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, January 2003

Alone in a crowd

BRM was at fours and fives in 1972 - Cars per GP, that is - Yet none of its drivers wanted to be the Guinea Pig for the new P180. We reunite one of them, Howden Ganley, with that car 30 years on and ask if they should have concentrated their efforts on it. By Paul Fearnley photography by Malcolm Griffiths James (No, I didn't know either) Howden Ganley, like most of his Anzac racing ilk, was...

Page 41 of November 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, November 1972

Notes on the Cars at Mosport Park

The Canadian Grand Prix followed only two weeks after the Italian so the majority of cars had to be transported back to England and loaded up on the Tradeswinds aircraft for Canada inside ten days. This left little time for anything other than a quick wipe over and spanner check plus replacing the bent parts on those cars that had bounced off the chicanes. However, one completely new car appeared...

Page 22 of February 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 2004

Simon Taylor

Here in Britain, a wave of patriotic indignation greeted the news that Justin Wilson had lost his seat in the budget-challenged Jaguar F1 team. This, said the gossip, was in order to admit some unknown Austrian youth with an earring, who was buying his drive for many millions of dollars. Ultimate proof, surely, that Fl is all about money, and nothing else. One lounge bar cynic told me he had it...


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