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Page 60 of August 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, August 1963

True reliability at last?

Sir, Many articles over the signature of Mr. Boddy have left in my mind a lurking suspicion that the longevity of English cars leaves something to be desired. My own experiences since 1922 would certainly seem to confirm that this is indeed so. However—Mr. J. Earnshaw, of 24, Oak Avenue, Bingley, a taxi proprietor who has regularly attended to my office requirements over the last six years, has a...

Page 37 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, April 1984

Book Reviews

“My Two Lives: Race Driver to Restauranteur” by René Dreyfus, with Beverley Rae Kimes. 077 pp 11¼ “ x 8 ½ “ (Patrick Stevens Ltd, Burr Hill, Cambridge, £15.95p) This long-awaited book is one of the more enjoyable motor racing books to have appeared for many years. It is the life story of René Dreyfus, whom British followers of the Sport used to see at Brooklands, Donington and in Ireland...

Page 114 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, July 2004

At the coalface

Michael Cotton: Assistant editor 1966-67 'Bod and Jenks' as they were always referred to, were not inseparable but they were the heart and soul of Motor Sport for nearly four decades. "Your job is to produce the magazine, but you are not expected to write anything; we do that," I was informed by Mr Boddy when I was appointed assistant editor in 1966. The two oracles filled practically all the...

Page 17 of July 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, July 1945

Club News

WE HEAR Mr. Sheppard is building up quite a fleet of 2-cylinder Renault cars for future veteran events, and also possesses a 1910 Model-T Ford. Haining is disposing of his rebuilt 1928 "12/50 " Alvis and is completing another, based on a 1931 T.J. chassis. Meanwhile, his 1925 " 12/50 " Alvis motors as well as ever. F/Lt. C. M. Tait, who owned a 1987 14-litre Riley " Kestrel " before the war, is...

Page 74 of November 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, November 1970

BLMC replies to MS

Sir, When you did us the honour in September of devoting your entire editorial to British Leyland, I felt it incumbent upon me to reply. As you said, however, you were going to have another little go at us in the October issue and it might be better to wait until November to reply to the whole lot in one fell swoop. To take both of your editorials point by point and correct what we believe to be...

Page 18 of November 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1944

Club news

We hear Ronny Burnett has had the good fortune to acquire one of the last 11/2-litre sport Altas to be produced, a 1940 unblown car. What is more, he has also had the luck to get Geoffrey Taylor to service it, and it is now at Tolworth for overhaul ; this is not to suggest that this busy little factory can do such work for everyone. EV Busk, who competed with some success in Vintage SCC events...

Page 2 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, November 1942

The "Rembrandt" meeting

As the Editor of "Motor Sport" was unable, at the last moment, to attend, this report was written for him by J. Lowrey Sunday, September 27th, was the occasion of the second war-time gathering of enthusiasts at the Rembrandt Rooms, Kensington. Proceedings commenced around the hour of noon, as the enthusiasts began to arrive, and it was cheering to see that quite a few managed to travel by road....

Page 26 of December 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, December 1972

The Lancia Beta

The Issigonis concept of front wheels driven by a transverse engine has been seen in push-rod-o.h.v. and single-overhead-camshaft guise; and in side-valve, T-head and two-stroke versions if the historians are to be humoured. Now we have it in twin o.h.c. form, for that is the way it is done in the new Lancia Beta. The Beta's release was to have included a test-drive in Scotland but this was...

Page 32 of September 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, September 1956

The Editor attends a Wolverhampton re-union-

-At the wheel of a Renault Fregate Amiral saloon Once a year it is my pleasure—unless I can think of a convincing excuse—to accompany my wife to Wolverhampton on the occasion of her Sunbeam STD Register week-end in this not unpleasant Midlands town. This time the occasion was rendered interesting because at the last minute my good friend Mr Ronald, who quietly but effectively looks after Renault...

Page 44 of October 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, October 1956


* * * THE ROADHOLDING OF THE SUNBEAM RAPIER Sir, A little knowledge is, I know, a dangerous thing and this fact has been brought home to me with full force by your September issue of MOTOR SPORT. Among the many misleading statements you made about the Sunbeam Rapier was one which I feel should not go unanswered, and that is the suggestion that the elimination of three of the works Rapiers in this...



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