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Page 36 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Dawn of "The Daimler" Last month's issue of Motor Sport had quite a Daimler flavour to it, what with my description of an outing up Shelsley Walsh in the British Leyland Heritage/Coventry Museum's fine big Edwardian of that make, and my article about the motor-cars of Mr. Bolton, a gentleman who had a preference for Daimlers and drove them at Shelsley...

Page 32 of January 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, January 1960

Tuning the 4 ½ litre Lagonda and Invicta

By L. S. Michael, O.B.E. A well-found 4½-litre Lagonda or Invicta saloon or drophead of the nineteen-thirties gives a more than adequate performance in standard form, compared even with today's products. It will out-accelerate and reach a higher maximum than all but the really high-performance modern saloons, and it will out-brake and out-steer most of these. Nevertheless, the ready availability...

Page 44 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, February 1980

Vintage Postbag - Early singers

What a treat to see a picture of a Singer in Motor Sport and of one of the almost unknown I.o.M. racers intended for the 1914 Light Car TT at that. I am currently researching early Singer history and have only just "discovered" these cars. Two were reported as having been sold by April 1915, one to Mr. Bolton, the other to Mr. J. P. Coates of Berkeley Square. Several sporting Tens were, over the...

Page 30 of January 1927 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1927

Round the Clubs

Round the Clubs HONORARY DISTRICT AGENTS. Honorary District Agents are appointed by " Motor Sport" to further the interest in the sporting side of motoring and motor cycling. We give on this page a list of the Honorary District Agents alteady appointed. Through these Honorary Agents we keep in touch with local events in all parts of the country, and with their co-operation we hope. to increase...

Page 27 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, December 1979

Matters of Moment

Where The Menace Lies "Whom the gods wish to destroy they first call promising."— Cyril Connolly, Enemies of Promise, Chap, 3. So-called civilised countries these days fear all manner of menaces. They face industrial unrest, go-slows, strikes, kidnappings and riots, as undeveloped lands suffer from famine and pestilence. To the menace of crime and violence can be added the nightmare of...

Page 48 of December 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1958

Fragments on Forgotten Makes No. 8: The Straker-Squire

We had recently the pleasure of meeting Mr. H. J. Bentley, who, in 1920, was racing mechanic to H. Kensington Moir at the Straker-Squire factory at Edmonton. Mr. Bentley recalls that when the six-cylinder Straker-Squire car engine was being developed various carburetters were tried, Claudel-Hobson at first, then the leather-bellows S.U., Zenith being finally specified. Straker-Squire had their...

Page 9 of October 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 1949

The September Goodwood Meeting

Reg. Parnell (Maserati) wins the Goodwood Trophy Race and sets a New Lap Record of 89.26 m.p.h. Madgwick Cup won by Moss (Cooper), Woodcote Cup by Parnell, in a Day of Fast Racing. Walker's E-type E.R.A. Challenges Strongly A crowd of some 30,000 watched an excellent B.A.R.C. Goodwood Meeting on September 17th, the weather, atmosphere and style of racing being reminiscent of those October final...


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