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Page 36 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Dawn of "The Daimler" Last month's issue of Motor Sport had quite a Daimler flavour to it, what with my description of an outing up Shelsley Walsh in the British Leyland Heritage/Coventry Museum's fine big Edwardian of that make, and my article about the motor-cars of Mr. Bolton, a gentleman who had a preference for Daimlers and drove them at Shelsley...

Page 38 of April 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1953

Vintage Veerings

The rapid fall in prices of almost all used cars, and in particular of the older models, should give a fillip to the vintage cult. Some enthusiasts keep the same vintage car season after season, others seek frequent changes, deriving much enjoyment out of discovering the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of each model they own. Whichever way you look at it, vintage motoring is undeniably...

Page 13 of April 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, April 1937


VETERAN TYPES It is nearly a year now since I was able to write in MoTOR SPORT that a new step had been taken towards the preservation of those relics of a glorious past, which have supplied the material for the "Veteran Types" series of articles in this paper. The first step had been the formation, in 1930, of the Veteran Car Club, which has since looked after the pre-1905 car admirably. The...

Page 29 of July 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, July 1925


THE B.A.R.C. WHITSUN MEETING. THE B.A.R.C. Meeting held on Whit Monday proved a great success, the good weather and representative entries attracting good crowds. Among the spectators we noticed several of the participants in the M.C.C. London-Edinburgh run, who had made a quick return journey in order to be present at the races—this being considered the correct thing to do on this occasion. . As...

Page 27 of January 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, January 1958

Cars I Have Owned

by George Watson— Most enthusiasts start with motor-cycles. Not to be outdone, I worked my way through a 1910 5-h.p. Indian, a 1917 American Excelsior, 1918 Douglas and 1922 four-cylinder FN before graduating to a four-wheeler. Regrettably no photograph exists of this curious device, known as an AV Bicar. An 8-h.p. J.A.P. engine was mounted at the rear, a chain driving the live axle through a 2-...

Page 48 of September 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, September 1958


A section devoted to old-car matters V.S.C.C. Silverstone meeting (July 26th) IN spite of some heavy rain which diminished the number of spectators excellent racing was seen at the second Vintage S.C.C. Race Meeting of this season, at Silverstone. The first race, one of many five-lap Handicaps, was led for four laps by Routledge's Morris-Oxford but on the run-in to the finish Binns' well-known...

Page 60 of September 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, September 1964

Vintage Postbag (contd)

Indianapolis Model-Ts Sir, I was intrigued by the reference to Mr. Bradshaw's 1917 Indianapolis model-T Ford, in view of the fact that no race was held at Indianapolis in 1917. The first appearance of Fronty Fords at the brickyard seems to have been in 1922, and these 2-seater Indianapolis Fords appear to have had twin overhead camshaft model D-0 16-valve Frontenac cylinder heads designed by the...

Page 34 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 1955

"The Motor Car in Fiction"

— Conclusion Seldom has an article in any motor paper aroused so much interest amongst correspondents as that on "The Motor-Car in Fiction," which appeared in Motor Sport last April. We published letters in connection with this article in the May and July issues and now propose to conclude with a summary of further letters received on this subject, for summer is the time for reading in beach-deck...


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