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Page 37 of September 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, September 1937


BRIGHTON SPEED TRIAL PROSPECTS Once again, on September 25th, the speed trials over the famous Madeira Drive at Brighton will be staged, in morning and altertionn SeSF ions. The course, which was used for sprint meetings in the very early days Of the sport, measures half a mile in length. has an excellent surtace and ample pull-up .spaee. Add to that the fact that it is wide enough to permit two...

Page 31 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, August 1933


FORTHCOMING EVENTS MOTORING FIXTURES FOR 1933. AUGUST. 1-6th. Coupe des Alpes. 4.5th. Irish Grand Prix Races. 4-5th. Mid Surrey A.C. London-Barnstaple Trial. 7th. B.A.R.C. Bank Holiday Meeting. 7th. Carshalton M.C.C. Motor Sports Gala. 12th. Southport M.C. 100 Miles Race. 12-13th. La Bade Grand Prix. 15th. Acerbo Cup Race, Italy. 19th. Donington Park Races. 20th. Comminges Grand Prix. 26th....

Page 3 of December 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, December 1948


MATTERS OF THE MOMENT PUBLICITY-I The importance of publicity in almost all present-day commercial undertakings needs no emphasis. Consequently, the R.A.C. and the J.C.C. can congratulate themselves that their races at Silverstone and Goodwood received an unusually good Press. The ,society papers covered Goodwood and amongst unexpected publicity for Silverstone was a useful illustrated write-up...

Page 15 of November 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, November 1999


BRIGHTON SPEED TRIALS SIR, I am in the process of compiling a publication about the history of the Brighton Speed Trials on behalf of Brighton and Hove Motor Club. Through your Letters pages could I make a request to anyone who has any historical information, photographs etc, to contact me on the following telephone number: 01892 531216 or fax me on 01892 516480. We would particularly like to...

Page 26 of August 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, August 1983

Club News

Brighton Speed Trials This famous event is the only motorsporting meeting to be held on closed public roads on the British mainland, albeit a mere half-mile of Brighton's sea-front. Changes for this year include the introduction of a class for Vintage and Historic racing cars, which Brighton and Hove Motor Club hope will tempt back some of the cars which made an impact here in past years, and for...

Page 51 of September 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, September 1976

Air display

Regular readers may remember that I like to go to one air display and one traction-engine rally a year, to keep a sense of proportion and see how the "other half" functions. So this year I went to the show at my nearest aerodrome, Shobdon, in the pleasant rural back-o'-beyond near Leominster. There, on July 25th, it was possible to see surely one of the most comprehensive air displays put on...

Page 28 of October 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, October 1957

Innes Ireland Wins 1957 "Motor Sport" Brooklands Memorial Trophy

WHEN Innes Ireland took his Lotus-Climax to Goodwood on the last day of August for the third B.A.R.C. Members' Sports-Car Meeting of the season, he led the annual Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy Contest by 16 points, to 10 points each scored by Foster and Page, nine by Bristow and eight each by Greene and Charles. In his first race Innes spun at the first corner and was disqualified,...

Page 48 of November 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1976

A truly excellent motor car

The Editor has his stint in the Rover new 3500 Last July Motor Sport published a full road-test report by C.R. on the Rover New 3500, Britain's highly-competitive 3i litre light-alloy-V8 £4,750 luxury five-door saloon with self-levelling suspension and electronic ignition. It was a report which should have sent all who read it, and who were in the market for a car in this category, rushing out to...

Page 2 of January 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, January 1936


WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING PHOTOGRAPHS IN STOCK, TAKEN AT MEETINGS LAST YEAR. WHY NOT HAVE A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR CAR? Donington Park (April), Cars No. I, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 32, 33, 35, 39, 43, 49, 51. Donington Park (May), Cars No. 5,7, 13, 15, 17, 24, 27, 28, 35, 36, 40, 49, 50. Donington Park (July), Cars No. 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41...

Page 29 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, October 1973

Matters of Moment

On With The Show This is certainly the theme song of the SMM & T, organisers of the London Motor Show which is scheduled to take place this year at Earls Court between October 17th and 27th. It shows no sign of changing this to "The Show Is Over", in spite of advice to hold it bi-annually, outside London, or not at all, the last-named in view of the impossibility of shopping properly for a...



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