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Page 61, November 1979

Vintage Postbag

A 1914 TT Sunbeam Sir, To continue the story of the 1914 TT Sunbeam, mentioned by Mr. D. V. T. Fairrie, which he drove for "a good many thousands of miles" before selling it to a Mr. Lawson of Rolvenden, Kent. It appeared from the log-book that he ran it only for about a year and when I acquired it in 1940 it had been standing for some time, more or less derelict, outside a garage near Maidstone...

Page 13, June 1950

L'Automobile Hispano-Suiza

PART II : 1912-1950 AFTER Zuccarelli's victory in 1910, the Hispano-Suiza team was absent from the Coupe de l'Auto in 1911. The cause of this absence was primarily connected with the disorganisation occasioned by the move to the new Paris factory, but in any case a team was again entered for the race in 1912. The regulations now stipulated a maximum engine capacity of three litres, and an...

Page 13, July 1949


by "Baladeur" The cult of the vintage car is, it would seem, of longer standing than some of us are apt to suppose. Not, of course, that before the days of the Veteran Car Club and the Vintage Sports-Car Club (to say nothing of Motor Sport, nor with all due humility, of "Baladeur") anyone was under any illusion that a car was better or more interesting just because it was old; but simply that it...

Page 21, September 1949

Veteran Types — XXXV

by Kent Karslake Two Single-Cylinder De Dion Boutons I never miss a Vintage Sports Car Club event if I can help it. But on April 23rd last, I was what we call locally "down the country," and the Minister of Fuel and Power, apparently, found that it would not fit in with his plans if I paid a flying visit to the Midlands. In consequence, the first I knew of what had happened at the Club's...

Page 18, November 1947

Veteran Types - XXXI A 1904 18-28 Mercédès

By Cecil Clutton Three dates stand out in the history of automobile design. In 1885 Benz and Daimler made the first cars which worked, and led on to commercially successful designs. In 1894 or a little earlier Panhard and Levassor embodied in their Daimler-engined car all the vital features of modern design — that is to say, the engine in front under a bonnet and the change-speed mechanism...

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