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Page 131 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 131, October 2014

From the archives with... Doug Nye

A matter of moment Carlo Abarth may have had fixed ideas about engine placement – but his cars won plenty of races Over the past few months I have been closely involved with what was Fabrizio Violati’s Maranello Rosso Collection of Ferraris and Abarths in San Marino. When former mineral water magnate Violati died in January 2010 he was the longest-term owner of any Ferrari 250GTO. Obviously in...

Page 22 of October 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, October 1960


BY COVENTRY TO MODENA The Assistant Editor takes a TR3 to Italy to visit the Maserati, Abarth and Lancia factories IT is seldom possible to move very far in this mechanical age without making use of the internal combustion engine (in fact many people would change the " t " of internal for an "f ") and for the motoring journalist it is almost impossible, and so when the question of a holiday came...

Page 56 of January 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, January 1976

Fiat's Abarth Competitions Centre

Abarth is the largest manufacturer of speed equipment that I have visited. The writer's previous visit was in the mid-sixties, when the company's sports/racing machines and little two-seater road cars were flourishing alongside a phenomenal output of those big-bore exhaust systems. In 1971 Carlo Abarth. who established the Company in 1949 to privately race Cisitalias and manufacture exhaust...

Page 22 of April 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, April 1966

Competition Notes and News

News from the F.I.A. Since the provisional classification of cars for International events was published last Autumn some detail changes were made before this Appendix "J" came into force for 1966. The most important being in Category C—racing cars, where groups 7, 8 and 9 have been reshuffled. For those who like to know in detail what is going on I append a complete list of the F.I.A....

Page 138 of January 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 138, January 2009

The austere Mr Abarth

His cars were exotic rivals to the likes of Ferrari and Porsche, but Carlo Abarth himself was a man not to be trifled with Abarth cars have always been something of a Cinderella marque in my mind. They had and still have an enthusiastic following, not only in Continental Europe but also most notably in the USA and Japan. I think my indifference to Carlo Abarth’s finest efforts was imbued by...

Page 21 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, January 1967

Speed from Italy - The Fiat Abarth OT 1000

Attractive lines and GT performance from the one-litre engine make the Abarth a favourite. Strictly speaking the Fiat Abarth Coupe we tested is not a modified car, but a recognised model in its own right. Carlo Abarth has developed a number of modifications for this pretty Fiat model, all of them within the F.I.A. Group 3 competition regulations, and the finished article is offered in this...

Page 25 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, April 1962

The Fiat Abarth 850 TC

The Fiat Abarth 850 TC MOST enthusiasts for Minicar motoring would probably name the Cooper-Mini as the most accelerative of the t„000-e.c. brigade but we have recently been testing a car which is able to out-accelerate the Cooper-Mini with a capacity some r5o c.c. less than the 997 e.e. of the Cooper. This incredible machine is the Hat Abarth 850 TC, an outwardly normal-looking 600D Fiat with a...

Page 44 of January 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, January 1969

Around the Tuning Shops

Last month in the first half of our trip around the tuning shops we spent considerable space discussing the tuning divisions of two major manufacturers B.M.C. and Ford. But readers should remember that sometimes the little man can give you a bit of extra attention and take a specific interest in your motor car. You can discuss over a cup of tea in the workshop your own particular requirements....

Page 18 of November 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1960

The Paris Salon

THIS year from October 6th-16th saw the 47th Paris Motor Show to be held and even if it is no longer the gay and sparkling array of special exhibits that it used to be, it still has an atmosphere that makes it one of the best of the International Motor Exhibitions. Where motor cars are concerned I am easy to please for I really like all types, though I must admit to liking some more than others,...

Page 33 of June 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, June 1990

A Class Act

David Piper's new red 250LM Ferrari (chassis 8165 for the fanatics) came screaming up the hill through the drizzle, skittered round Paddock Bend, narrowly missing that very solid railway sleeper wall, and fish-tailed its way along a wet top straight past the pits, with a dark blue backmarker tucked up under his tail in the spray cloud. This is what we had come to see on 6th August 1966 at Crystal...



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