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Page 53 of June 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, June 1976

The Changing Scene

Sir, I was most interested to read Mr. Carson's letter referring to the demise of the vintage motoring years as he knew them but rather saddened by his interpretation of the changing scene. I couldn't agree more about the wretched Motor Dealers who blatantly inflate the price of sonic of the most banal mechanical offerings, as much as I deplore the "mugs" who pay their prices, Certainly the...

Page 24 of October 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, October 1946

Letters from Readers

Sir, In the course. of literary browsing came upon this eighteenth-century gem, taken from Boswell's "Life of Johnson": "If (said Dr. Johnson) I had no duties, and no reference to futurity, I would spend my life in driving briskly in a post-chaise with a pretty woman; but she should be one who could understand me, and would add something to the conversation." Should not such profession of "...

Page 11 of March 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, March 1936


ULiTI I 11 1 Assorted Rallies The British Clerk of the Weather certainly did his very worst from John o' Groats in this year's Monte Carlo event, and it remains to see what we are going to have for the R.A.C. event, for which there are 317 entries. In some ways I think this latter event is more trying than its Continental counterpart, since the distance between the checks is generally too short...

Page 7 of May 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1946

More Trials - and other Current Events

West Of England M.C. Spring Trial Some of the hills in this event had-to be cut out as being too difficult, but good fun was had nevertheless. Butler's "Ophelia," Evans's T-M.G., Tolman's and Buncombe's T-M.G.s managed the difficult first section or Little Silver and here Cleave's H.R.G. and Hutchison's V8 Allard got up all the sections. Price (Ford V8) was another who managed it. Then Bishop's...

Page 19 of February 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, February 1966

The Carson Special

Sir, Mr. Samson's letter is most interesting but if the car described by him and pictured in the November issue is the special built by Mr. Carson in 1934 it has obviously been extensively modified. He states that Mr. Wilson has made it into a recognisable 30/98, which it certainly was not in 1934 when Motor Sport failed to identify it at first meeting, but gives the erroneous impression that the...

Page 26 of April 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, April 1955

The Motor Car in Fiction

Authors of best-seller novels have an unfettered choice of motor cars for the use of the characters in their books and it is amusing to consider the different vehicles they favour for this purpose. Rolls-Royce, Hispano-Suiza and sometimes Daimler figure prominently. Dornford Yates invariably endowed his heroes with the "Best Car in the World." His characters were great car owners and drivers....

Page 12 of September 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, September 1946

The 3-litre T.T. Vauxhalls

George Sanders, the Vauxhall enthusiast, tells of the history of those elusive 1922 Vauxhall racing cars. In these notes I am purposely not giving technical details of the above cars, as I believe their design is well known, and in view of the fact that they were fully described in a recent issue of one of the well-known weekly motoring journals, any remarks of mine would be superfluous. Three...

Page 33 of October 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, October 1955


A 7.5-M.P.H. Standard Eight  The enthusiast these days is very fortunate, because if the dictates of business or family life make an open two-seater sports car unpractical he can turn to a saloon without serious loss of performance, whereas, in olden days, the performance-gap between sports car and family car was a wide one. That even the smallest-capacity and least-expensive saloons can be...

Page 29 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1934


AN INVERTED VAUXHALL AND A REBUILT LANCIA TWO ATTEMPTS TO ACHIEVE THE OWNER'S IDEAL. HALF the fun of possessing an old car, especially one of sporting type, is that chassis and body may be modified to suit the owner's requirements on quite a small expenditure, for " hits" which will fit in may often be bought very cheaply from a car-breaker, or picked up for a mere song at a local .auction. I...

Page 50 of August 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, August 1976

Vintage Values

Sir, With reference to Mr. Carson's letter in the May issue of Motor Sport I feel I really must come to the defence of the Vintage enthusiast. For one thing there are fewer and fewer vintage cars available and for another more and more people seem to be interested in vintage cars, so obviously the prices must be going up. In comparison to the prices of modern tin-ware some vintage cars are still...



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