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Page 62 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, August 2013

"I actually whooped on Hangar Straight! I've never done that before in a car..."

One Grand Prix winner snuggles into another David CouIthard gets to grips with the Lotus 25, a car synonymous with his compatriot Jim Clark. Within but a few laps of Silverstone, he's completely smitten...Writer: Gordon Cruickshank I Photographer: Matthew Howell David Coulthard cuts the ignition, wiggles the red leather steering wheel and folds his arms. "Well, if you'd just like to put me in the...

Page 59 of April 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, April 1994

Surtees Super Prix

Surtees Super Prix Anew race series for rear-engined Fl and Tasman cars features in the Brands Hatch Super Prix programme on July 2 and 3. The 21/2 and 11/2-litre cars from 59-65 have tended to be tagged-on to other racing up to now, until the formation of FORE (Formula One Rear-Engined), inspired by collector Cedric Selzer. Other rounds are at Silverstone on May 30 (BRDC) and 31 (Coys Historic...

Page 14 of June 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, June 2002

Hewland Cry

Sir, I am sure you will receive many letters pointing out that the gearbox in the photos of my Lotus 25 is not a ZF but a Hewland. It will be seen that there were spiders on the output shaft to drive the rubber doughnuts. I do, in fact, have a ZF 5DS10. But Lotus did use a Hewland gearbox on chassis R6 for four races during 1963. It had taken me 15 years to find the right ZF, but because the car...

Page 50 of March 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, March 2010

The view from Chapman's crew

Key figures associated with Team Lotus tell us what they think about the return of the famous name to Formula 1, and recall why it was special to work at Norfolk’s finestBy Paul Fearnley Clive ChapmanSon of Team Lotus founder Colin Chapman & MD of Classic Team Lotus I have always said that if the Lotus name was to return to Formula 1 it needed to be in association with the factory, Group...

Page 63 of July 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, July 1993

Burning Brands

Blazing sunshine basted a healthy crowd who gathered at Brands Hatch to celebrate the career of John Surtees, the only man to win World Championships on bikes and cars. 30 years ago he won his first GP, with the world title coming in only his second season, though he first raced at Brands 43 years ago. Two- and three-wheeled races began Sunday's tribute, though there were no MV Agustas, the...

Page 135 of February 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 135, February 2009

Sometimes the old methods are still the best...

Aluminium-skinned 1960s-style monocoque chassis structures were pretty demanding things to make – and particularly to make straight. Past Team Lotus mechanic Cedric Selzer recalls one in particular which he was detailed to set up, only to find that it was impossible without major modification to its suspension pick-up bracketry, simply because the fuselage itself came out of the manufacturing jig...

Page 92 of June 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, June 1995

Star-spangled spanner

As the long trip by boat from his native Cape Town came to an end at Southampton in the damp spring of 1961, one of Grand Prix racing's most celebrated living mechanics admits to having felt gripping nervousness. At the tender age of 23, Cedric Selzer was on his way to Team Lotus, charged with the awesome responsibility of a new job: working under the command of Jim Endreweit and David Lazenby on...

Page 26 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, December 2013

If you have come second you have lost

With Jim Clark and other storiesCedric Selzer Cedric Selzer is one of the guys we go to when we want to confirm tales about Lotus, Jim Clark or the racing Sixties, so his memoir has to be an important arrival. Somehow Inserting himself into Team Lotus straight from South Africa, Selzer soon became mechanic to the Scottish ace. His memories of seeing the ’62 title lost (he explains that Clark’s...

Page 68 of August 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, August 1993

The rub of the Green

Picture the scene: on the southern slope of the Sussex Downs a Ferrari GTO races through a right-hander shortly after the start, the corner lined with straw bales, while the crowd cranes forward from behind tapes and paling fencing, basking beneath a clear, blue sky. Shortly afterwards, it is followed by another GTO, this time in the livery of Maranello Concessionaires, which wails off into the...

Page 14 of May 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, May 2007

Clark 25 sells well

An ex-Jim Clark Lotus 25 sold for just under half a million pounds during the H&H Auction at Cheltenham.  Chassis R5 was rebuilt by Clark’s 1963 engineer Cedric Selzer and is thought to be one of only four remaining Lotus 25s. It was sold to a private UK collector.



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