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Page 54 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 2002

Driver opinions

Only two men have driven works-built 131 and Escort in the relevant period : Björn Waldegård and Simo Lampinen. Lampinen: 'The Escort was fantastic, a real joy. You could do 20 things wrong and still get it back each time. It was a natural oversteerer. So long as you could turn the wheel, you were okay. And the engine was unbelievable. "The Fiat was more of a racing car. It helped to be really...

Page 46 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, November 2014

Obituary – Björn Waldegård

In Swedish, “björn” means “bear”. And in many ways that suited Björn Waldegård, whose physique – especially in his later years – was a stark contrast to the whippet-like stance that typifies the ideal for modern racing (or rally) drivers. But there were many contrasting things about the very first world rally champion. How somebody so quietly spoken and mild-mannered could turn into a single-...

Page 56 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, May 1996

Turin Crowd Pleaser

Noisy, cramped, rough, twitchy - is it any wonder customers ignored the Stratos in droves? Laurence Meredith thinks they missed out In 1965, Lancia launched its devilishly pretty front drive V4 Fulvia coupe. Being an agile handler and capable of ha fair turn of speed, it enjoyed moderate success in international rallying. But as time marched on, the dual headlamp cars from Fabricca Automobili...

Page 50 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 2014

Giorgio Pianta, 1935-2014

Giorgio Pianta, who has died at the age of 78, was always dubbed Lancia test driver, but his role within Fiat’s competitions depart was more important than that and led to him being given control of motor sport at Alfa Romeo. The Italian did join up as a test driver and played a key role in development of the Fiat 131 Abarth in which Walter Röhrl won the 1980 World Rally Championship. But his...

Page 50 of May 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 2003

Ove achiever

The spot on the F1 pit wall which Ove Andersson occupies today seems a far cry from his background as a top-line rally driver. But, as John Davenport explains, these early experiences were crucial in shaping Toyota's motorsport general It cannot have escaped your notice that several successful rally men have migrated to the world of Formula One in recent years. Ferrari has two, its president and...

Page 49 of July 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, July 1979

Lancia: A sporting full circle?

The debut of Lancia's Group 5 Beta Montecarlo at Silverstone for the qualifying six-hour round of the World Championship of Makes, marked an historic return for the Torinese concern and a change in emphasis within the Fiat-Lancia-Ferrari sporting group's policy. When what we shall call the World Sports Car Championship began in 1953. Lancia were not there for the first Sebring race, but they did...

Page 6 of May 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, May 1991

Formula One -- Brazilian Grand Prix

At last! After the dramatic inflation of recent months, and the manner in which most of them drive on what pass for roads in Sao Paulo, the local populace is used to scrapes and close escapes. Yet 70,000 of them held their breath throughout the closing laps of the Brazilian GP as their idol, Ayrton Senna, performed perhaps the greatest escape of them all. On seven previous occasions the McLaren...

Page 22 of May 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1990

A Star in the Ascendant

Those who have followed the FISA saga through the winter may be aware that President Jean-Marie Balestre was given a ringing vote of confidence at the special meetings in March, the news coming just too late for our April edition. He received the unanimous support of the FIA's General Assembly for his handling of the Senna and Le Mans affaires during the winter, and a majority of 90% in a FISA...

Page 39 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, June 1982

Endurance racing review

FOLLOWING the postponement of the races at Brands Hatch and Mugello, the World Endurance Championship finally took off at Monza on April 18th. Those early events were doomed from the very beginning for they did not form qualifying rounds of the Manufacturers' Championship and did not attract the interest of the major teams like Porsche or Ford. That, combined with their positions on the...

Page 33 of September 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, September 1997

Five go mad in stages

We have driven the five finest works Lancias in the world. In part one of his report, Matthew Franey goes into battle with the Fulvia, Stratos and 037 In 1992, after clinching its sixth consecutive World Championship for Makes, its 10th in just 18 years, Lancia did the unimaginable — it pulled out of world rallying. To win for the sake of winning provided no addictive urge, the adrenalin rush...



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