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Page 88 of June 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, June 2000

Cooper T51/53

For Gordon Murray, the cooper-climax had it all. Great concept, simplicity and lightness. And it trounced its big-budged rivals. When I think back to GP design milestones, it's pretty obvious, really: the first rear-engined Fl Cooper. Not so much from a technical point of view even though it was after my own heart from that aspect because it was so simple and so effective compared to the other...

Page 51 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, November 1978

Book Reviews

"John Cooper - Grand Prix Carpet-Bagger" by John Cooper with John Bentley. 230 pp. 9 1/2" x 7" (Haynes Publishing Group, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 7JJ. £5.95.) We have had books about the Cooper racing cars and their evolution, from that first ingenious Cooper 500 using front and rear-ends devised from Fiat Topolino front suspension units, and about the mercurial John Cooper, son of a...

Page 41 of March 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, March 1961

The Trend of Racing Car Design

The period of motor racing which forms the basis for the discussion of design trends, as applicable to Grand Prix cars, in this article will live in history for two reasons. The years concerned were 1959 and 1960, and in that time there has been an almost complete swing to a basic layout where the engine is placed behind the driver, instead of in front of him, as in the previously accepted...

Page 17 of April 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1958

Springtime activities in the workshops

As Easter approaches, and Goodwood opens the international racing calendar as far as Britain is concerned, there is more and more work going on in the various racing departments, and new cars begin to near completion while old ones are being finished off after a winter overhaul. In the middle of March, in time to get these words into print on April 1st, we made a visit to some of the premises...

Page 88 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, July 2004

One-pot dictator

It's always the small ones you have to watch for. The 500cc formula pointed the way forward for post war motor racing. Damien Smith finds out why After six years of ravaging war, it was hardly surprising that much of European motorsport was revived with machinery dating back to the previous decade. New racing cars were not a priority as countries recovered from Nazi occupation, while Britain...

Page 66 of April 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, April 1989


Sir, In his article on 500cc racing (Grass Roots, Motor Sport, March 1989) MM has surely made a couple of errors. The Cooper "brothers" were. in fact, Charles and John Cooper, and were father and son. And how long have KTM engines been Australian? Barry Fowles, Thundersley, Essex

Page 36 of July 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 1959

Motoring Books for Summer Reading

"The Vintage Motor Car Pocketbook." Compiled by Cecil Clutton, Paul Bird and Anthony Harding. 256 pp. 5⅝ in. by 41/8 in. (B. T. Batsford Ltd., 4, Fitzhardinge Street, London, W.1. 8s. 6d.) There is no end, it seems, to the books that pour from the presses about vintage cars, but this little reference work is the greatest fun. Indeed, it is more likely to be used for pleasant browsing than for...

Page 66 of November 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, November 1997

Accidental heroes

No one believed that a garage owner and his son could take on and beat the might of Ferrari and Maserati. Matthey Franey looks back at, and samples, a bit of Cooper history In 1955, the Cooper Car Company, perhaps unwittingly, built a sportscar that would change forever the face of motor racing. Charles and John Cooper's tiny concern from darkest Surbiton had already enjoyed considerable success...

Page 78 of December 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, December 2007

Salvadori on Brabham

The phrase 'friends and rivals' was rarely more apposite: Black Jack was a good mate, a fine engineer and a tough fighter By Rob Widdows Roy Salvadori chose Jack Brabham unhesitatingly as his subject for our series on team-mates. He is clearly very fond of Jack and the two remain friends to this day, Salavadori saying that he would rather have raced alongside Brabham than with any of the other...

Page 84 of July 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, July 2007

Surtees on Clark

John Surtees says that ‘team-mate’ is a misnomer. Mateyness simply isn’t part of the relationship between drivers in a team, but he and exact contemporary Jimmy Clark came close to it This is a difficult choice for John Surtees. He has raced alongside so many of the great names. He sits behind his desk, surrounded by books and papers, and thinks long and hard. He’s looking at me. I think I know...



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