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Page 98 of July 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, July 1997

The car that changed Formula One forever

This is the most famous of all Lotus 49's. Shaun Campbell goes to Hethel to reunite John Miles with the car that took Hill's fifth Monaco win John Miles beckons me over with a crook of a gloved index finger. He points to a smear of blue paint on the inside of the monocoque. "See that? This was the car I was to drive at Monaco in 1970. I didn't qualify it was my first time there and we lent the...

Page 44 of August 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, August 2004

Successor story

Replacing the innovative and iconic Lotus 72 was never going to be easy --- even though it was in its fifth season. Andrew Frankel drives the car that tried Bad Formula One cars are like bad Formula One drivers: they may be uncompetitive in their rarefied environment but by other terms of reference — any will do — they soon seem miraculously good. I was reminded of this last month as I watched...

Page 128 of August 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 128, August 2012

The men behind the movie

The potential of a film often starts with people you won’t even see on screen. That’s certainly the case with Ron Howard’s latest movie Rush As the filming draws to a close on the upcoming Ron Howard film Rush, all will be going quiet until the first trailers emerge ahead of its release in early 2013. The director of Apollo 13 and Frost/Nixon has been tweeting (I can’t believe that’s a verb...)...

Page 72 of November 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, November 1997

De Angelis: an unfinished symphony

Elio de Angelis could not only out-qualify Senna in an identical car, he was also a virtuoso pianist. Mark Hughes remembers this complex man and asks why he never realised his potential When considering the pre-requisites to make the grade in motor racing, few have been dealt a stronger hand than Elio de Angelis, Grand Prix driver from 1979 to his needless death in a testing accident in 1986....

Page 28 of August 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1998

Mansell - The Enigma

The most misunderstood man in the history of motor racing or simply an insufferably arrogant pain in the neck? Mark Hughes examines the enigma that is Nigel Mansell Right from the start, in his own mind he’s a giant. A good giant. And he does things that back up that belief. Regularly. And each time, he turns around to accept the plaudits, because these are important to him. And each time, he...

Page 58 of March 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, March 2010

On a wing and a prayer

A chance to drive the revolutionary ground-effect Lotus 79 was made even more nerve-wracking by the wintry conditions at Hethel…By Andrew Frankel We all remember our first Grand Prix. You can watch it for years on the television but until you actually go and watch a gridful of Formula 1 cars come past, feel your insides churn and your ears itch, you will only have seen it. You will never have...

Page 54 of January 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, January 1996

Classic track test

Is that Nelson Piquet? Ian Flux casts his mind back to when he used to dream of F1, and drives a car once handled by someone who tried to thump him while he was doing his best to get there In over 20 years of racing I have only once come to blows with another driver. In 1977 I had a no quarter asked or given battle for third place in a Formula Three heat at the British Grand Prix. I was a little...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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