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Page 35 of September 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1983

Interview: Terry Hoyle

Unlike their racing counterparts, rallying's engine builders rarely receive recognition for their labours. It's hard to pin down the exact reason, but probably the situation isn't helped by the factory-based rally teams. In the "assemblatore" world of single-seater racing, the choice of engine builders and power units themselves is wide and varied. It's a buyers' market. Rallying has never got to...

Page 52 of May 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, May 1974

The TAP Rally

Rally review Fiat's sweeping success There was a time when Italian sporting people appeared on rallies in a variety of hotly-tuned Fiat 500s, the occasional Alfa Romeo or one or another of the Lancia range, the Fulvia being the most popular in recent years. Then came Fiat's 124 Spider, and suddenly it became the car for every well-appointed Italian amateur driver to possess. There was no Fiat...

Page 33 of July 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, July 1974

Welsh Rally

Two celtic internationals were to have featured in this month's Motor Sport; instead there is only one, for the Scottish Rally was needlessly cancelled by the RSAC when a petrol shortage was created in Scotland by a strike at a petrol distribution centre. There were fears that the shortage would cripple the rally, but instead of waiting for definite news the RSAC decided at noon on the Wednesday...

Page 57 of November 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, November 1975

November in the Forests

November in the Forests LIKE COUNTLESS other readers, we were all in stitches when we read D.S.J.'s description of the 1975 British Grand Prix in MOTOR SPORT's Jubilee issue. This column is not about to make off with his metaphors, but one can't help feeling that if the British Grand Prix is a circus, then the RAC Rally of Great Britain is one enormous travelring circus. That is not intended to...

Page 67 of November 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, November 1977

A testing session with the Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevette HS2300

A record that comprises two International rally wins well within the first year of competition is a record any manufacturer would be justly pleased with. Who the team goes under the popular "dealer team" guise, then the pride is still there, though General Motors executives cannot crow in quite the same way as their open factory opposition, for General Motors are not in competition, are they? As...

Page 26 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, January 1973

RAC Rally of Great Britain

No-one will deny that the most significant aspect of the RAC Rally was the victory by a British crew, in a British car, against a whole army of the talented Scandinavians who have dominated the event since it began to use special stages on loose-surfaced forest roads. Since the beginning of the 'sixties modern-day Vikings named Carlsson, Trana, Aaltonen, SoderstrOm, Lampinen, Kallstrom and...

Page 86 of June 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, June 1973

Around and about

Avon Motor Tour hots up With just a month to go the Avon Motor Tour of Britain looks like living up to the reputation of the event that it emulates—the Tour de France. There are some vital differences however. First 1973 is very much a pilot year so that only Group 1 cars are eligible, unlike the French event which includes Matra MS670 sports-racers and the like, while the final route, around...

Page 56 of February 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, February 1976

From a Stratos Hot Seat

Some friends thought I was mad, others thought I was about to be scared out of my wits, few would have given me credit for bravery in lieu of stupidity. As I sat there in the navigator's seat of potentially the fastest rally car in Britain at the start of last month's ShellSport Tour of Dean Rally, I confess to having felt a certain amount of apprehension. For four years, from the days when, as...

Page 32 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, July 1972

Rally Review

Acropolis Rally When Fiat, very quietly and without any fuss or publicity-seeking announcements, began entering cars in the major international rallies a few years ago, the established circus viewed the newcomers with mixed feeling. Were they really serious about entering the field of competitions? Was the presence of the odd "works" car here and there a sign of mere token involvement or were...

Page 33 of November 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, November 1969

Rally Review

Autumn in Portugal Rally Despite its proximity to the RAC Rally, October has always been a popular month for British private entrants to go rallying overseas. Perhaps the lure of sunshine when Britain is about to say goodbye to hers has something to do with it, but a more likely reason is the abundance of attractive non-championship rallies on the Continent during that month. Among those events,...



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