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Page 8 of April 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, April 1992

Suspended animation

Active suspension made a triumphant return at Kyalami, where Nigel Mansell ran away and hid As the dust settles once more on the parched Kyalami and the South African GP, we shall look back in the months to come and truly appreciate just how crushingly superior the Williams FW14Bs were. When Nigel Mansell spoke afterwards of his plan "to build a cushion of 20 seconds" you realised just how much...

Page 16 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, June 1992

Spam in the can?

Or pie in the Sky? Of late the racing car has become an even higher percentage factor in determining the competitiveness of a team’s overall package. But has the recent intensive application of technology now created a situation where it has outstripped the drivers’ contribution to an unacceptable level? And what should be done for the future? Some things are new in motor racing. After he had...

Page 17 of February 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1994

Breaking the barrier: Breaking new ground

McLaren Advanced Vehicles' contender to go through the Sound Barrier on landwill break all sorts of new ground in the technological war of distance against time What is the Sound Barrier? Well, it's one of those intangibles that may or may not exist, a hypothetical barrier of shockwaves that surrounds an object travelling near the speed of sound. The real question is: What is the speed of sound?...

Page 32 of December 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, December 2006

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Matters of moment Andrew Frankel Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderOne of Andrew Frankel's life lessons has been that meeting your hero is often a let-down. Not any more... During the 1970s and 1980s I was mad about Lamborghinis. There was a time when I could tell you exactly what type of downdraught Webers were used to fuel the V12 of a Miura SV, and the precise specification of the rear Pirelli P7...

Page 51 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, January 1998

"Been there, done that."

In 1979, Stan Barrett lit the blue touch paper and sat back on his journey towards the sound barrier. In his own words he explains why he beat Andy Green and ThrustSSC to Mach One It is now close to 20 years since I sat strapped into the tiny cockpit of a multi-thousand horsepower rocket car, about to ignite enough power to light a small city in an effort to go faster than any man on earth....

Page 86 of August 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, August 1993

United front

Sir, The articles by David Tremayne and David Phillips on advanced F1 technology and the relatively advanced age of IndyCar drivers in June's issue were both illuminating and topical. A technological edge has led to many a championship being won. Brabham, Clark and Andretti spring to mind. Combine a performance advantage with a brilliant driver and you have the ingredients for F1 success. However...

Page 64 of September 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, September 1988


Dear Reader, A well-known firm of auctioneers withdrew all its advertising from Motor Sport because the Editor dared to question their business methods and ethics. Now this criticism was not made lightly, for if you move around in the old car world and listen to the prices asked or claimed for some pretty mundane cars you hear a lot of adverse comment about the situation. This comes from ordinary...

Page 38 of October 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 1992

Rocket Man

Richard Brown wants to be the first man to break the Sound Barrier on land. He's designing his own rocket car and engine to do it... Richard Noble's Land Speed Record has stood for nine years, since he propelled Thrust 2 to 633.468mph across Nevada's Black Rock Desert on October 4 1983. But if 27 year-old Englishman Richard Brown has his way, it won't stand much beyond its 10-year anniversary....


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