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Page 36 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1978

Books for Christmas

Bugatti -- An Illustrated History of the Cars from Molsheim by Hugh Conway and Jacques Greilsamer. 280 pp. 9-1/2" x 12-1/2".   Editions Modelisme, 94, Boulevard de Sebastopol, 75003, Paris, France.  260.00 French francs. This is the Christmas browsing-book par excellence and perusal of its lavish and magnificently-illustrated pages makes one wonder why anyone who can afford to purchase, maintain...

Page 36 of October 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, October 1959

A Poor Man in Search of Motor Sport by Arthur Mallock

"For unto every one that hath shall he given. But from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath." (St. Matthew, Chapter 25, verse 29). So it is in motor racing. The impecunious enthusiast has the choice of restricting his motor sport to the lowest possible level, or gambling his "all" on a desperate attempt to reach a position where material returns begin to balance outlay....

Page 33 of February 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1960

Tuning the 4 1/2-Litre Lagonda and Invicta

By L. S. Michael, O.B.E. (Continued from the January issue) In calculating compression-ratios use the method advocated in popular books on tuning, usually involving the pouring of liquid into the cylinder head from a burette, thus discovering the combustion space at t.d.c. Then, by calculation, arrive at the combustion space required for the new compression-ratio, measure that volume of liquid...

Page 21 of May 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, May 1939


Sir, THE SAGA OF THE SIX I encb.)se the latest photographs of my Speed Six Bentley which I have been reconstructing which shows the car in the form in which it is now -going to remain for this season. Here are some details. First, the chassis : the frame itself is of 1930 vintage, specially shortened to give a wheelbase of 10 feet. The front axle and gearbox which we are using at present were...

Page 28 of January 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1955

Books for the New Year

"Best Wheel Forward," by J. A. Gregoire, translated by C. Meisl. 194 pp., 5 ½ in. by 8 in. (Thames and Hudson, 244, High Holborn, W.C. 1. 15s.) This is another book which, like"Beyond Expectation" (reviewed last month), is refreshing because it presents many facts new to English readers, expertly translated by Charles Meisl. The body of the book is an account of how Gregoire introduced his...

Page 34 of December 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1949

Club News

We Hear K. C. Radburn, F.S.M.C., F.I.O.O. retains his keenness for Salmsons, but, conceding to his wife's request, has purchased a "San Sebastian" coupé model. He would like owners of vintage Salmsons to communicate with him with a view to starting a Salmson Register. His address is: 67, London Avenue, Radford, Coventry. A reader who owns two 8-litre Bentleys and a 4½-litre Bentley bought a 1923...

Page 52 of April 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, April 1969

Book Reviews

"Memories And Machines: The Pattern Of My Life" by Sir Harry Ricardo, F.R.S. 264 pp. 8¾ in. x 5½ in. (Constable & Co. Ltd., 10, Orange Street, London, W.C.2. 45s.) This is a very enjoyable book; it can almost be said to be two books in one. On the one hand Sir Harry Ricardo outlines in clear language the history and development of steam, gas, oil and petrol engines during his lifetime and of...


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