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Page 4 of September 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, September 1948

Reports of Recent Events

Reports of Recent Events V.C.C. BIRMINGHAM RALLY This event, held at the Austin works, was one of the most successful ever staged by the Veteran Car Club. 85 old cars were entered, and 80 arrived. J. E. Ford's 1897 Benz took the prize for the oldest car attending the Rally, 45 veterans clocking-in, only a Mercedes and a de Dion being absent. The veteran's mileage prize went to Eyre's 1902 Napier...

Page 42 of August 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, August 1924


WHAT SPORTING MOTORISTS OWE TO THE CYCLE TRADE. By MAYNARD ROWLAND. HISTORY repeats itself, in the use of mechanism, just as in national story. Our attitude to both histories is similar, for as we appreciate the pageantry and glitter of King's courts and warfare, whilst we overlook the patient work of yeoman and artificer, so to-day we hail with pride those who produce the speedy motor bicycle or...

Page 60 of September 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, September 1962

Letters from readers

The cost of watching motor racing Sir, As a spectator at motor-racing events since 1954, I am now being deterred by the exorbitant admission prices. Some years ago, Entertainments Tax was lifted and a drop in admission charges was then anticipated; however, they have steadily risen —examples this season include Easter Goodwood, 10s.; Whitsun Mallory Park, £1 ; and now Bank Holiday Brands Hatch,...

Page 19 of January 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, January 1944


Sir, I was interested to read the letter from Capt. J. R.. A. Green, in your October issue, as I had tlw pleasure of inspecting the 11-litre Bugatt i in Cairo in 1940. That car, two Alfas, an! a Mercedes-Benz 4seater were the only out-and-out sports ea I'S I saw in Egypt in 1940 ; the Mercedes was in excellent condition, and for sale at 1150 (Egyptian) in Alexandria. I went for a long run in one...

Page 14 of January 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1942


VETERAN TYPES: XXIV-THE BURGESS 1914 T.T. HUMBER Kenneth Neve describes another T.T. Humber in this series, with the able assistance of Cecil Clutton TWENTY-SEVEN years ago, on a very wet May 10th, twenty-three motor-cars were lined up in the I.O.M. for the start of the T.T. Among the impressive array were three cars made by a firm whose name not one motorist in a hundred would associate with...

Page 13 of January 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, January 1948

The Meeting Of The Clubs

On December 10th the R.A.C. Competitions Committee (hereinafter called the C.C.) held its 1947 meeting of the Clubs, which was well attended and in many ways resembled the previous year's meeting. [Our comments in the following report appear within square brackets.] The Chairman of the R.A.C. opened the meeting and Major Dixon-Spain gave an account of all the C.C. had done for the Sport last...

Page 27 of August 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, August 1939


WAKEFIELD WINS AGAIN WAKEFIELD WINS AT 93.91 M.P.H. NEW E.R.A. DAMAGZS ITS PETROL TANK IN A SKID AND RETIRES JP. WAKEFIELD scored his third Continental victory with his new • four-cylinder sixteen-valve Maserati when he won the Albi Grand Prix on Sunday, July 16th. A similar car, driven by R. E. Tongue, finished second, and " Bira's " four year old E.R.A. was a gallant third. Great surprise was...

Page 23 of July 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, July 1939

Continental Notes and News

Con6nenta Notes amid. News L_a By AUSLANDER Mistaken Identity (inc of the best stories I've heard about the new li-litre Mercedes-Benz—and it's perfectly true—was that of the two British journalists who arranged to see the cars by appointment with Herr Uhlenhaut during the Eifel meeting. The journalists got there first. No Uhlenhaut, no fifteen-hundred Mercs. Only two G.P. ears making a terrific...

Page 22 of February 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 1966

Cars in Books

This series has by now had such remarkable continuity that it seems it need never end, yet I am still astonished that almost every non-motoring book I read invariably contains some reference to one or more cars by make. With the more recently published works this is to some degree understandable, inasmuch as motoring and cars are of universal interest to people of all ages, both sexes and most...

Page 81 of November 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, November 1959

Letters From Readers

N.B. -- Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and Motor Sport does not necessarily associate itself with them. -- Ed. You Can't Please All the Customers All the Time . . . .! Sir, I was so surprised by your supremely uncritical (and occasionally inaccurate) account of the B.M.C. babies that I was driven to comparing road-test figures from your weekly contemporaries with those of the...



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