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Page 44 of July 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, July 1993

Art for the heart's sake

McLaren's stunning F1 sports car unleashed at Goodwood Gordon Murray has a party trick. Behind his back the 6.1-litre V12 is burbling away happily at tickover, the needle just edging up as he snicks the gear lever into first and trickles out of the Goodwood pits. At 30 mph he moves the lever, a satisfying snickety-snick, and floors the throttle. A shrill, vibrant noise fills the McLaren's cabin,...

Page 17 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, December 1990

Interview - Gordon Murray

Specification Engine: "Large" — Naturally aspirated Cylinders: "Lots" Power output: "Plenty" Suspension, brakes and steering: "Formula 1 standard" Availability: From 1994 Price: "More than anything in view today" Manufacturer: McLaren Cars Limited, South-east England If the specification for the forthcoming McLaren "supercar" looks decidedly vague, it's not because the directors are trying to...

Page 74 of December 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, December 1984


seconds to remove the Lauda inscribed panels and substitute the Prost inscribed panels with number 7 on them. One of the agreed rules in Formula One, but one not always adhered to by some teams, is that each driver should have his name clearly marked on the bodywork. On the MP4/2 it is on each side of the engine cover and such is Ron Dennis' attention to meticulous detail that each driver has his...

Page 10 of March 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 2005

Murray and McLaren part

Motor racing design legend Gordon Murray has split with the McLaren Group, ending an 18-year-long association. "After five world championships and a win at Le Mans, it certainly does rank as one of the most successful periods of my working life," he said. Murray's departure coincides with his decision to concentrate on his 'City Car' project on which he has spent 11 years working in private. "It...

Page 45 of January 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, January 2001

The fresher under pressure

The jump from F3 to F1 has always been tough; in the turbo era it was a giant leap. Alan Henry reflects on the gamble Toleman took with a low-cost hart engine and Rookie Ayrton Senna If Formula One power output was measured exclusively in terms of brake horsepower per pound sterling expended, then there would be no question as to who produced the best grand prix engines over the past 20 years....

Page 132 of September 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 132, September 2010

Longtail got short shrift

McLaren’s glorious road car had a brief spell at the top in endurance racing before its rivals gained an unfair advantage Wandering about Silverstone on a recent test day we were basking in the sun, pondering the new pits site between Club Corner and Abbey Curve, and the new infield loop which runs up to the start of the one-time Club Straight – now (most aptly) renamed the Wellington Straight....

Page 74 of May 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, May 2010


When two tribes go to war… it’s Senna vs Prost, Mansell vs Piquet as the superpowers turn the wick up on their turbo missilesBy Nigel Roebuck It was the era of Margaret Thatcher, relished by some, despised by others. It was a time of plenty, even excess, not least in motor racing, which went through perhaps the most convulsive decade in its history. The ’80s. “In my time,” said Patrick Tambay, “...

Page 101 of July 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, July 2000

Driving Ambition

By Doug Nye. ISBN n/a Published by Virgin, £425.00 If you buy anew Mercedes you can visit the factory to pick it up. Now we have a book with the same personal involvement. Order the Limited Edition of Driving Ambition and you can collect it from the McLaren Cars base, and have a look at a real F1. But ironically, you'll learn more about the car by reading the book than you will from close up...

Page 46 of July 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, July 1992

Is this the world's most desireable sportscar?

McLaren lends its F1 expertise to the creation of its first roadcar for 23 years ”I want people to feel as if they are driving Formula One technology on the road.” Behind Gordon Murray's simple statement lies three years of solid research and development into the latest of the supercar genre to ease its way into the crowded market place. McLaren Cars' long awaited F1 emerged amid dry ice and...

Page 28 of February 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, February 1983

The Formula One scene

1983 Formula One Grand Prix racing does not start until March 13th, with the Brazilian Grand Prix at Rio de Janeiro, but already indications are that it is going to be an interesting year for those of us who enjoy Formula One. For those people who only follow it on television and have to rely on James Hunt for their information it will probably be another year of boring processions containing...



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