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Page 22 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1933


• A WONDERFUL WORLD'S HOUR CORD The outstanding record attempt during May was undoubtedly the magnificent world's hour figure made by Count Czaikowski. Driving a 4,900 c.c. Bugatti on the Avus Track, Berlin, Czaikowski covered 132.88 miles in one hour, thus beating G. E. T. Eyston's previous record of 130.87 miles on the Panhard at Montihely. After two days practice the 4.9 Bugatti set out on the...

Page 39 of October 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, October 1933


MONZA'S FATAL DAY CAMPARI AND :BORZACCHINI KILLED IN FOUR-CAR CRASH-COUNT CZAIKOWSKI DIES IN BURNING BUGATTI. FAGIOLI (ALFA ROMEO) WINS GRAND PREMIO D'ITALIA AND LEHOUX (BUGATTI) THE GRAND PREMIO D'MONZA. ALT OGETHER the most depressing motor race meeting that I have ever attended. First of all there was trouble about a Press Pass, which had been given to somebody else, then the footat-a-time...

Page 90 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, March 2009

"Seaman was like a son to me"

He was a mentor to Britain’s greatest racer of the 1930s, but Giulio Ramponi also knew and worked with Ascari, Nuvolari and Caracciola. In 1982 he related some of his special memories Giulio Ramponi. Few could claim a central role in the story of pre-war motor racing quite like this man, who was so much more than just a mechanic. He knew and worked with just about every major figure of the 1920s...

Page 23 of October 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, October 1933


P'umblings OliffERGES Lap-Scoring in the T.T. THE Ulster race rarely fails to produce a good finish, though as in most handicap races, only the mathematical wizards who record the laps of every car on a numbered chart can tell how things are going in the intermediate stages of the race. This year it even contrived to defeat the experts of the R.A.C., and the press information lagged considerably...

Page 12 of August 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, August 1932


Pumblings Aft Tian !VERGES Those "Dark Horses." WHENEVER a few motoring enthusiasts foregather nowadays there is bound to be a discussion on the spacial announcement in the B.A.R.C. entry forms for the August Bank Holiday Meeting. Roughly, this announcement warns intending competitors that . should any car develop an abnormal increase in speed in any one race, a satisfactory explanation must be...

Page 38 of July 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, July 1931

The Grand Prix of Geneva.

he Grand Prix of Geneva, 7 fri. P. H. WIN BY LEROUX AND HIS 13UGATTI. WHILE Achille Varzi was defending the Bugatti colours in Rome, Louis Chiron, the other crack of the Molsheim team, was due to take his racer to Geneva for the Grand Prix, which was run off on the same day, 7th June. Unfortunately, however, his car was crashed in an accident shortly before the race, and Chiron came to Geneva...

Page 11 of January 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, January 1932


MOTORING SPORTSMEN (NEW *FRI ES). 1. EARL HOWE. /T is a matter of great satisfaction to begin this series by an inter • view with Lord Howe, for apart from his position as President of the B.R.D.C., and the succesies which he has achieved on road and track, the sporting motorist of Great Britain owes him a great debt of gratitude for the work he has done in attempting to overcome the prejudice...

Page 35 of September 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1932


THE GRAND PRIX DU COMMINGES. ZEHENDER (ALFA ROMEO) WINS KEENLY CONTESTED RACE OVER PICTURESQUE CIRCUIT AT THE FOOT OF THE PYRENEES. AWINDING, narrow road running beside the river Garonne, at the foot of a deep valley, followed by a long straight " leg " of 8 miles, with " tribunes " built on the side of a hill, facing the majestic chain of the Pyrenees, form the picturesque setting of the Grand...

Page 6 of October 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, October 1932


THE B.R.D.C.'s 500 MILES RACE R. T. HORTON AND J. H. BARTLETT (M.G.) WIN FINEST BROOKLANDS RACE FOR MANY YEARS AT 96.29 m.p.h.: RILEY SECOND AND TALBOT THIRD. RACE MARRED BY FATAL ACCIDENT TO CLIVE DUNFEE. oNCE again the 500 Miles Race, organised by the British Racing Drivers' Club, has proved to be the most interesting and keenly contested race of the year on Brooklands Track. Favoured by a fine...

Page 39 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, June 1933


THE INTERNATIONAL TROPHY Complete success of innovation by the Junior Car Club. Popular victory for the Hon. Brian Lewis, driving a 2.3 litre Alfa Romeo. M.G. Magnettes 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Austins win the team prize. ONCE again the Junior Car Club deserves the thanks of motorracing enthusiasts in this country for its originality in keeping abreast of the times. The system of handicapping devised...



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