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Page 102 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, November 2014

Lunch with... Kenny Bräck

He reached Formula 3, stepped back to Renault Clios and then went on to conquer Indianapolis... via an argument or two with Tom Walkinshaw Writer: Simon Taylor, Photographer: James Mitchell Every sportsman tends to be remembered, above all, for one particular achievement: one win, one record, one defining moment in his career. Kenny Bräck feels that most people primarily recall his victory in the...

Page 89 of February 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 89, February 2011

Long Shadow of the Man in Black

He raced hard, reaped the rewards and divided opinion. Even 10 years after his death Dale Earnhardt’s influence is still being felt in NASCAR It happened 10 years ago on the last lap of NASCAR's traditional season-opening Daytona 500. Everyone was jammed together in a massive pack, feet flat on the throttle in typical restrictor-plate racing style. Running third with no real hope of winning,...

Page 35 of May 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, May 2011

Gordon Kirby

A team is reborn The wood brothers team is one of NASCAR's most respected outfits. Founders Glen and Leonard Wood are true Virginia gentlemen who have always turned out superbly prepared cars since the team's start in 1950. They are as much a part of NASCAR's history as the Peffys and Dale Earnhardt, and through the '80s their team was one of the most successful. So there was much to celebrate at...

Page 59 of February 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, February 2008

Tomorrow's world

For better or worse, stock car racing’s unloved ‘spec car’ has arrived By Gordon Kirby Over the course of last season, NASCAR phased in a new standard ‘spec’ car, called, to amusement from some quarters, the ‘Car of Tomorrow’ (CoT). Its arrival probably represents the biggest single change in NASCAR’s long and successful history, yet the move to the larger, taller car has been criticised by...

Page 88 of March 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, March 2012

Safety over all

Yves Morizot’s race accessories company Stand 21 has clothed some of the sport’s biggest names – and helped keep them from harm By Paul Fearnley A famous photograph taken at the 1986 Portuguese Grand Prix depicts Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet – all ‘friends’ together – posed perched on Estoril’s pitwall (see right). Each is wearing a Stand 21 race suit. Company...

Page 27 of September 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, September 2001

Superior stock

One of the cars which General Motors brought to Goodwood was the Chevy Monte Carlo in which Darrell Waltrip won the 1985 Winston cup. It had stood in Talladega's Museum for 16 years, and is back there now, but in between Paul Fearnley had a good ol'blast in it Take a section of the Forth Railway Bridge, vibrant in red lead. Top it out in the GM, or Ford, bonnet, roof and bootlid of the day. Fill...

Page 40 of September 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, September 1993

Market force

Nigel Mansel's thrilling IndyCar victory in New Hampshire was witnessed by only a sprinkling of spectators. NASCAR, so it seems, has a better understanding of the entertainment-conscious US public Anyone who doubts the incredible depth and popularity of NASCAR's Winston Cup series might ask themselves the following question: how would Formula One be affected if two of its leading young drivers...

Page 122 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, May 2013

Events of the Month

Daytona 500 Rarely does the Daytona 500 provide much in the way of predictions about the outcome of NASCAR's 36-round Sprint Cup championship. Run with power-sapping `restrictor plates', which keep the cars jammed together in a giant slipstreaming pack, the 500 is more a lottery than a motor race. Typically, there are more than a few multi-car accidents which inevitably eliminate some of the...

Page 87 of September 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, September 2006

Busman's holiday: Martin Brundle

In his first IROC race he had a sharp lesson in bump-draughting, and even wonders himself how he instinctively knew ways to work the traffic and airflow Words: Simon Strang. Photography: LAT Martin Brundle's first experience of the 1990 International Race of Champions series was when he walked in to the back of a trailer in the Talladega paddock and saw a row of 'old school' wooden lockers...

Page 39 of February 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, February 2011

Gordon Kirby

Talent is not enough Regardless of what you may think about NASCAR, its field is much deeper than in any other major racing category. There are many competitive cars and drivers, which makes winning a championship very demanding. So to win five in a row is really something, yet Jimmie Johnson has done exactly that as well as recording a record 10th title for the mighty Hendrick Motorsports...



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