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Page 31 of April 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, April 1973

F2 review

Formula Two win for STP-March-BMW A FEW MONTHS ago in the Around and About column we highlighted the forthcoming battle between the Ford Motor Company and BMW at several levels of motor sport. At Mallory Park on March 10th the first Formula Two clash between the two big rivals took place and, though their position looked a little precarious at one time, the German BMW outfit came out most...

Page 58 of April 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 2006

Whistling in the dark

Gas turbine racers were hot news for a few experimental years. Gordon Cruickshank explains Gas turbines in cars just don't work. If they did we'd all be running one today. But over three decades, from the 1950s on, engineers on both sides of the Atlantic put immense resources into trying to marry an aircraft engine to a road vehicle. And turbine cars twice came within a gnat's crochet of pulling...

Page 51 of September 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, September 1972

Reflections in the Eifel Mountains

There was general agreement that the right man, in the right car, on the right circuit won the German Grand Prix, agreement, that is, among the followers of the sport, but not by Messrs. Fittipaldi, Stewart, Peterson, Regazzoni, who could have won, or all the other hopefuls who would have liked to have won. The performances of Ickx, Stewart and Fittipaldi during practice really put Grand Prix...

Page 32 of December 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, December 1971

Around and about: comment on the racing and club scene

More money for Grovewood Awards The 1971 Grovewood Motor Racing Awards were presented last month at a reception in a London hotel and the proceeding screened on BBC2's Wheelbase programme. The value of the Awards was doubled this year, and the scheme widened slightly to take in two special commendations of £100, the winners of these being eligible for a major prize next year. The idea was...

Page 72 of June 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, June 2004

Up in smoke

Aussie battler Dave Walker shone bightly in 1971 aboard a Gold Leaf Lotus Formula Three car. But when he stepped up to Formula one with the team and John Player Special, it all turned black. Michael Oliver finds out why... "I will never forget it even though it only lasted six laps before the thing blew up. Instead of cars going past me on the straights, I was actually able to pull up alongside...

Page 54 of December 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, December 1971

First year of 1,600-c.c. F3

With Ford-based engines revving to 11,000 r.p.m. and wheel to wheel dicing to the chequered flag the old 1-litre Formula Three came to an end. For 1971 the governing body of motor racing had conceived a new formula which allowed engines of up to 1,600 c.c. but with a restrictor on the atmospheric side of the induction. In effect it was a throttling device but quite a lot of people thought that...

Page 77 of October 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, October 2003

That sinking feline

Fifteen minutes of fame Puma Mk1: Crystal Palace F3 — June 18, 1971 Designed for one formula but run in another, this is a story of how a fast cat almost killed an F1 wannabe because he was curious to see how it would go. By Paul Fearnley Formula Three underwent a sea change in 1971: out went the 1-litre 'screamers', in came the wheezy 1600s. The doom-and-gloom merchants were predicting that the...

Page 34 of June 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, June 1971

Formula Three review

Walker moves up The three rounds of the Motor Sport Trophy series of Formula Three races held during the month of May have seen Gold Leaf-Team Lotus driver Dave Walker very much in the ascendant. In fact the talented and experienced Australian has won at Brands Hatch and Zandvoort, and was a narrow second at Silverstone. The series, which also counts for the Shell Super Oil Championship, has...

Page 79 of April 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 79, April 2009

"I was Ronnie's racing instructor"

And Reine Wisell could have been Peterson’s team-mate at Lotus. As it was, while ‘SuperSwede’ soared in F1, his countryman stalled There is precious little room in motor racing for ifs, buts and might-have-beens. As Keke Rosberg is fond of saying, if his aunt had a moustache and balls she’d be his uncle. And if Reine Wisell had been racing at a different time, if he’d not been on the grid with...

Page 71 of July 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, July 1971

They make racing cars: Ensign

The West Midlands is the heart of the British motor industry, but strangely, the building of competition cars is centred around trading estates in Huntingdon, Slough, and so on. However, racing cars have at last come to the "Black Country" with the formation of Lewis-Nunn Racing, producers of the Ensign. The Ensign is the success story of the 1971 season so far, for Ensign Formula Three cars lead...



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