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Page 16 of August 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, August 1951

The 2½-litre H.W.M.

Every British enthusiast should be elated by theB.R.M.  "recovery" and thoroughly enthusiastic about the excellent showing of the H.W.M.s—Schell's finished second to Ascari at Posillipo, for example. So we are very glad to give publicity to the following announcement :— In view of Mr. David Brown's personal interest In all spheres of motor racing and for the further development of the David Brown...

Page 48 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 2014

When they were new: 3-litre Lagonda saloon

An original road test taken from the Motor Sport archives, November 1956 | by Bill Boddy Mr David Brown deserves the appreciation of enthusiasts for having catered for the continuity of two famous British makes, Aston Martin and Lagonda. The present-day Lagonda is an interesting proposition, combining the twin-overhead cam Aston Martin engine in a car of luxurious styling and appointments, and...

Page 69 of February 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, February 1984

V-E-V odds and ends

- The Rolls-Royce EC announces that among its main meetings this year will be the National event at Stowe School on September 2nd, while it will again be taking a very active part in the “Rolls-Royce On a Wheel And Wing – Eighty Years On” at Duxford Aerodrome on June 17th, when it will be working in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, an occasion when the occupants of Rolls-Royces in nine...

Page 60 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, June 2014

Road car news

Disco name to spread Extra models will extend scope of Land Rover | By Andrew Frankel Land Rover has of late spent so much time, money and energy on the Range Rover and its Evoque and Range Rover Sport derivatives, you’d be forgiven for thinking it had forgotten about the poor old Discovery, down there in the engine room, slogging its guts out to provide adventurous families with honest, high-...

Page 36 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, September 2014

Adrian Newey

My top six Formula 1 cars Formula 1’s finest technical brain of its generation – arguably of all time – is retiring from the sport in a few weeks. Adrian Newey, frustrated at the ever-greater restrictions imposed by the technical regulations, is seeking to challenge himself in other areas. Having spurned the opportunity of a mega-bucks move to Ferrari, he will retain a position at Red Bull, his...

Page 14 of June 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, June 2006

Sensational 54 cars for Monaco

The biggest 3-litre F1 field ever! Looking for just one excuse to attend the Monaco Historic GP on May 20/21? Here's the extraordinary list of entries, split into two races. Amon: Peter Williams (F101) Brabham: Duncan Dayton, Robert Baker (BT33), Manfredo Rossi di Monterlera (BT42), Huberus Bahlsen (BT45B) BRM: Brad Krause (P126), Robs Lamplough (P133), Rick Hall (P180), Jacques Nicolet (P201)...

Page 86 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, November 2008

Shadows on the sands

Casablanca – the sunlit scene of Britain’s first World Championship was darkened by tragic eventsBy Nigel Roebuck Bernie Ecclestone recently said that, for him, the World Champion each year should be the driver who had won the most races, that only in the event of a tie on victories should ‘places’ come into the reckoning. And no season better supports Ecclestone’s notion than 1958, when Mike...

Page 101 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, February 2010

Around the houses

– Coys – Coys celebrated its 90th anniversary at its end of year sale at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster on December 1. On the Monday evening before the sale the anniversary celebrations got under way with live entertainment from ’60s rock band Manfred Mann, who played a selection of guitars featured in the auction. So whether you were after a pair of Purdey shotguns, a Fender SK...

Page 82 of March 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, March 1994

Which Lagonda?

Sir, With reference to last November's issue of Motor Sport, I was interested to read your fine article on Lagonda, and about the cars that are produced today. The only ones I ever see now are in motor museums, where I stand and look, and look, they being the only models that interest me. It all takes me back to 1937, when I used to work for Lagonda in Staines. I left in 1941, to join the...

Page 13 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1955

Matters of Moment

The British Grand Prix After a period of over a month without a major motor race, Aintree became the animated scene of the B.A.R.C. British Grand Prix on July 16th, and, run off in hot summer weather before a vast crowd estimated at 150,000, the race was happily devoid of accident, confirming that Grands Prix with evenly-matched cars driven by the leading exponents are the safest form of racing...



November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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