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Page 51 of August 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, August 1976

Romulus Revived

Sir, I refer to David L. Gandhi's letter in the Vintage Postbag section of the July edition of Motor Sport and his comment that Romulus should be allowed to continue to rest on his laurels. Mr. Gandhi is obviously not aware that had Romulus continued to remain as he was, he would have been very perforated and in a very sorry state within the next five years. Most proper racing cars used electron...

Page 104 of June 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, June 1979

Letters from Readers

N.B. -Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and MOTOR SPORT does not necessarily associate itself with them. -Ed.Bring Back the E-type Sir, I have enjoyed the outpourings of your diminutive scribe D.S.J. for many years, especially with regard to his driving of Jaguars, which have been my own transport for 23 years. However, his comments in the April issue cannot pass unchallenged as...

Page 33 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1973

Vintage Postbag

Singer History Sir, Although the correspondence on the team Singers was closed a couple of months ago, may 1, for the sake of future historians, be allowed to correct one or two mistakes that arose? In Mr. Montgomery's interesting letter ( July issue) he mentions J. E. S. Jones as the owner of one of these cars. This should he A. W. Jones, who raced the car before and after the war. J. E. S....

Page 46 of July 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, July 1976

Let Romulus Rest

Sir, As one of the greatest admirers of the "White Mouse" stable I was most upset to read that "Romulus" is being raced once again. This unique; one-driver (until a few weeks ago) car should, I feel, be allowed to rest on its many laurels, as it indeed has for the past 30 years, and not be dragged out again for a "Club" meeting. Surely there are enough E.R.A.s still racing to let us know what...

Page 19 of August 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, August 1941


Sir, I was very interested in Mr. W. F. S. Wike's outburst directed against. me in your March issue. Actually, I am getting a little tired of him extolling the virtues of his 11.11.G. at the expense of other equally good num{ nes. What he conveniently (?) forgets about it is that the 9-h.p. I 1.1t.G. has : (1) The ordinary Singer " be Mans " engine. No (had a:. he sneered at the Singer " be Mans...

Page 88 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, March 1979

Letters from Readers

N.B. - Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and Motor Sport does not necessarily associate itself with them. - Ed. Unbeatable Jaguar Sir, Having read with much interest the correspondence on the subject of the Jaguar XJ-S I thought I would add my experience. I have owned two XJ-S - my first was RHD Chassis No. 15 and on that car I covered 42,000 miles. I experienced a few niggling...

Page 54 of January 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, January 1970

Shopping for a Daimler

Sir, I was most interested to see a letter from my friend Philip Blackham in the December issue. Having driven with him in his various Daimlers, I can indeed confirm their superb handling. I feel sure, however, that the late Laurence Pomeroy, Senior did not have a hand in their design (was he still with Daimlers as late as 1937?). I have always thought that the suspension was the proprietary...

Page 86 of December 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, December 1984


VINTAGE POSTBAG "Romulus" and other matters Bill Morris has got it all wrong again! What D.S. J. and I were protesting about all those years ago was "Romulus" being raced again — not other E.R.A.s and historic racing cars. "Romulus" had a unique record and this was destroyed when it was dragged out of retirement and made to run again. Captain J. F. C. Kruse who has been mentioned several times...

Page 20 of April 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, April 1943

Letters from readers

Sir, Having read my January Motor Sport with great interest, I feel obliged to reply to one or two things. First, I think the first Brighton run was in 1928, not 1929, as stated in "Rumblings". Incidentally, whilst on the subject of veteran machinery, it is obvious that F/O. Anderson hasn't had much experience with Edwardians. My 1909 Minerva, admittedly of 6.25-litres capacity, can out-perform...

Page 56 of October 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 1976

The E.R.A. affair

It would appear that I stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest when I agreed with the letter from David L. Gandhi in the July issue of Motor Sport, in which he lamented the awakening of the E.R.A. "Romulus" from its slumbers. At the VSCC meetings at Silverstone and Prescott I left a trail of people arguing for and against the suggestion that "Romulus" should have been left where it was, in the same...



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