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Page 116 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, August 2014

Lunch with... David Brodie

For much of his 50 years in British racing he was a serial winner, and he rubbed shoulders with the Formula 1 crowd as wellWriter Simon Taylor | Photographer James Mitchell As we know, Formula 1 has pretty much taken over the motor sporting world. It gets almost all of the media coverage, almost all of the money and virtually all of the glory. A whole new generation of people who think of...

Page 98 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, March 2008

Bashes and 'tashes

High jinks mixed with high drama at the 1994 Australian GP, as former Benetton mechanic Greg Field tells Rob Widdows There is not much Greg Field hasn’t seen in over three decades as a racing mechanic, but 1994 was a particularly momentous year for him and the Benetton team. By Adelaide, the last race of the year, the world championship hung in the balance between their man Michael Schumacher and...

Page 45 of January 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, January 1986

The Constructors - Pilbeam

It's ironic that Britain's most successful manufacturer of hill climb cars, Pilbeam Racing Designs, is based in Lincolnshire on the edge of the Fens where the land is as flat as freshly-trowelled cement. It's a bit like finding a shipbuilder in the middle of the Sahara. In fact the firm is based at Bourne, home of BRM for whom Mike Pilbeam worked as a designer for some years, so the arrangement...

Page 35 of May 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, May 2012

David and Goliath

One look at the grid in Melbourne and you are reminded that Formula 1 is now exclusively underpinned by the financial elite. Just a dozen teams kept afloat by corporations, or emerging nations, who choose to use the spot as pat of their global marketing strategies. Despite attempts at cutting costs, 21st century Grand Prix racing is prohibitively expensive. But this was not always so. In 1977 no...

Page 96 of September 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, September 2007

Crash & learn

When creating a modern F1 car, designers major as much on safety as speed. Robert Kubica is one who’s thankful they do... By Rob Widdows Grand prix racing will never be utterly safe. But the fact that more people die falling from horses than they do in racing cars is in part an indication of the major improvements that we have seen in racing car construction over the last three decades. When...

Page 34 of October 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 1974

Sports Round-up

Formula 5000 One International formula which seems to thrive on both sides of the Atlantic (as well as in Australia and New Zealand) is the Formula 5000 single-seater category, a class of racing which took quite a long time to get off the ground but now commands a loyal following. In Europe the F5000 Championship is backed by Rothmans and, over the past month or so, Bob Evans and Peter Gethin...

Page 23 of September 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1976

Matters of moment

Another anniversary The good motoring life has been punctuated just lately with anniversaries, which, indeed, are convenient things, which can he manipulated, unlike Jubilees, to fit circumstances. There is Daimlier's 80th, commemorated by a special colour-feature in this issue of Motor Sport and we have commented on several others, such as the Riley 9 Jubilee, while last year we were as....

Page 31 of May 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, May 1980

Matters of moment

A miscellany of mishaps  "The answer is in the plural and they bounce" — Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, 1869-1944.  Most of the news one sees or reads about these days is distinctly depressing and that which has a motoring flavour is no exception. First, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geoffrey Howe, made "April fools" of us, as so many Chancellors have done before him. To increase vehicle-...

Page 43 of November 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, November 1979

Notes on the cars in North America

The planning of the Formula One calendar is such that the two races in North America that close the season, are arranged on consecutive weekends so that the teams can pack their cars and spares for a single round trip across the Atlantic by Cargo plane and arrive as prepared as possible for a two week stay away from base. Those teams who were involved in the Goodyear tyre-testing session at...

Page 42 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, June 1972

Formula 2 Review

While the Formula One drivers busied themselves rushing round the twists and turns of Jarama, the ADAC was holding a major motorcycle meeting at Nurburgring for the German Tourist Trophy. As always at the 'Ring cars and bikes were mixed in together, but this time four-wheel competitors fulfilled the supporting role and their main race was the non-European Championship Formula Two Eifelrennen over...



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