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Page 8 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, August 1947

Racing on the Continent

Grand Prix de l'Europe 1 1/2-litre Alfa-Romeos 1, 2, 3 at Spa. Wimille wins at 95.28 m.p.h. and sets fastest lap at nearly 102 m.p.h. In intense heat the 1 1/2-litre Alfa-Romeo team dominated the G.P. de l'Europe run over 35 laps (310 miles) of the very fast 9 1/4-mile Francorchamps circuit near Spa. It was rumoured that before the race Pierre Wimille had done a lap at about 104 m.p.h., almost...

Page 36 of October 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, October 1932


THE CIRCUIT OF GAROUPE BENOIT WINS KEENLY CONTESTED RACE. LISTER KILLED IN PRACTICE, THE Juan-les-Pins Rally, organised by the A.C. Antibes, culminated in a motor race held over the Circuit of Garoupe. At first it was decided to run the two classes, unlimited and up to 1500 c.c. at the same time, but owing to the heavy entry list this idea was abandoned, and the classes were staged as separate...

Page 31 of January 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, January 1935

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS. Mystery Man. DURINC; the winter months one can only write about the plans of drivers with extreme caution. After a spate of reports and counterreport's it is finally announced that So-and-So has signed a contract with Such-and-Such a Stable. Splendid ! we say, and a paragraph to that effect is immediately dispatched to the printer. The day after the...

Page 46 of January 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, January 1990

Maserati V8 R1: Interesting but Unsuccessful

Maserati V8 RI: Interesting but Unsuccessful /N 1934 a new Formula for Grand Prix racing began, with the barest minimum of rules, so that designers had a fairly free hand. The car had to be weighed without fuel, oil, water and tyres and the weight could not be more than 750 kilogrammes (1650 lbs). The thinking behind this limit was that it would control engine size to somewhere around 234 to 3...

Page 28 of March 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 1935


MASERATI RACING CARS FOR 1935 INDEPENDENTLY-SPRUNG V 8 HEADS LIST OF NINE MODELS -FURMANIK'S RECORD BREAKING 1100 cc. CAR. By COUNT G. LURAN1 CERNUSCHI. VERSATILITY has always been the watchword of the Maserati factory, as for instance those original the 2.5-litre conceptions, the 2.5-litre model of 1930, which gained such success on its entry to Italian Grand Prix Races, the tremendously fast 16...

Page 16 of February 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 1934


The Latest News from the Continent. THE closing months of a year are always full of startling news as to the plans of racing-drivers for the coming year. If a famous ace happens to look into the window of a car manufacturer in Paris, this innocent act finally turns up in some paper in the form of : " Ferrolari, the winner of the majority of this year's Grand Prix races has been engaged by the...

Page 33 of February 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1936

Continental Notes

Continentall Notes anci Neva. By OUR CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENT Teaming Up One by one the. teams and scuderias are shaping up for the rapidly-approaching season. Mercedes-Beaz were the first to settle their drivers, Caracciola, Fagioli, Chiron, Von Brauchitsch and Lang. Auto-Union has altered its policy to the extent of having a first and second team, the former consisting of Varzi. Stuck and...

Page 37 of March 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, March 1936

Continental Notes and News

ContinentaL Notes and New. z More Formula Pros and Cons Apart from Bugatti, who is really the most interested party, the rest of Franee appears to be anti-formula. Here is a summary of opinions given to L'Auto: Delage " Cubic capacity " bonus:" given to upblown cars is not enough. Ought to be 80 per cent. instead of 30. This would result in the matching of unblown itre cars with 2.3-1 i tre "...

Page 33 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, August 1933


CONTINENTAL NOTES. Pierre de Viseaya Killed. THE name of Pierre de Viscaya is well known to readers of Mo'roR SPORT for his exploits as a member of the official Bugatti team some ten years ago. In 1921 he won the Penya Rhin Grand Prix in Spain on a Brescia" Bug," and came in second behind Friederich in the Italian G.P. des Voiturettes. His greatest feat was to come in second to Felice Nazzaro in...


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