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Page 37 of August 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, August 1974

Vintage postbag

Vauxhall Staff Car Sir, Your piece in the June issue about the Vauxhall D-type Staff-car was most interesting. Last year, quite by chance, I acquired two old War Department photographs showing a D-type Staff-car bearing the WD serial LC^0721. I recently sent them to Vauxhall Motors Ltd. suggesting that their car, serialized IC^0721, may in fact be the very car pictured, and should therefore...

Page 23 of August 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, August 1967

A Remarkable Document

There has come in to my possession a most interesting book, which, when it was published, was delightfully (if that is the right word) libellous, being an anonymous attack on the British Motor Trade at a time when some of its constituents were intent on stopping the import of American cars into this country, yet were themselves selling makes of Continental and American origin. What makes this...

Page 56 of June 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, June 1974

Vintage Variety

The Editor drives some of the older Vauxhall, Austin and Bentley cars Although there is no denying the publicity value of the older cars, some manufacturers have been either a bit late in collecting representative examples of their earlier products or, having collected and restored them, have allowed their collections to become scattered, even neglected. At the opposite extreme, there are now...

Page 34 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, March 1967

Cars in books

The travel books dealt with recently in this feature seem to have attracted another book of a similar nature, namely, " Round France In A Motor" by C. Neville (Cambridge, 1906), which posed an almost insoluble problem. The car used for the tour which this book describes is the subject of the frontispiece, the same picture being reproduced in colour on the front cover. There are other views of it...

Page 52 of October 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, October 1978

Dating of Veteran Cars

Sir, Your two references to the late Dennis Fields on page 1108 in the August issue, could give rise to the impression that the Veteran Car Club is no longer going to be able to date veteran cars may have some difficulty in so doing this is just not so. True, as a friend, adviser and walking' encyclopaedia, Dennis is irreplaceable; however, Dennis himself wanted to be certain that his knowledge...

Page 46 of January 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, January 1959

Books for the New Year

 The World's Racing Cars and Sports Cars  by Douglas Armstrong. 208 pp. 5 in. by 7-5/8 in. (Macdonald & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., 16, Maddox Street, London, W.1.  15s.) This landscape book of reference covers recent F.1, F.2 and F.3 racing cars, a solitary example of a U.S.A.C. Formula car, sports/racing cars, sports cars and high-performance cars. It devotes a page write-up to each, opposite...

Page 36 of October 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, October 1962


A section devoted to old-car matters On with the census The colleague who thought up and conducted the recently concluded Moror Sport Readers' Survey apparently cannot have too much of this sort of thing, for, having buttoned up his part of the affair, he handed to me 186 forms that dealt, he said, with vintage cars, suggesting that I might like to analyse them in this section. The census disease...

Page 46 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, December 1990

Veteran to Classic - Veteran Car Marathons

At this time of year the interest caused by the recent RAC/VCC Veteran Car Run from London to Brighton, an event which attracts a really large number of pre-1905 cars and an equally astonishing number of onlookers, produces a spin-off in veteran car memories. Last month we explained the origin and subsequent developments of the Brighton Run. A much better organised and altogether more influential...

Page 57 of November 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, November 1990

The Brighton Run

How it Began The annual London-Brighton Run for veteran (pre-1905) cars has become one of motoring's biggest and most popular fixtures, attracting a big entry and an enormous concourse of spectators every November. It has its origins in the Emancipation Run of 1896, staged to celebrate a new Act towards greater freedom to use horseless-carriages on British roads, and as a demonstration (that was...

Page 35 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, October 1973

Engines at Bishop's Castle

Regular readers will know that occasionally I like to visit an air-display and a traction-engine rally, to keep a sense of proportion. For anyone with these sentiments living near the Midlands, the August Bank Holiday rally of the County of Salop Steam Engine Society at Bishop's Castle is an excellent means of fulfilling one of these aims. Nowadays such a rally has not only the tractions but such...



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