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Page 58 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2008

Best of three?

In 1955 the Jaguar D-type, Ferrari 750 Monza and Aston Martin DB3S all contested the Goodwood Nine Hours. But which is best? It’s a tough choiceBy Andrew Frankel As the crowds arrived at Goodwood on August 20, 1955 for the Nine Hours endurance race, few if any of the fans knew that it would be the last long-distance, day into night race held at their beloved track – at least, until the circuit’s...

Page 38 of February 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, February 1987

Swan Song

The Connaught Story Part 4 It is ironic that the Connaught Type B was the company's most successful car, for it was conceived as a stop-gap, against the time when a suitable engine would allow an advanced, rear-engined, monocoque design to be completed. It is ironic, too, that the team's most stirring performances should have come in the final twelve months or so of its existence when its...

Page 31 of November 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1955

Oulton Park

Stirling Moss Wins Oulton Park Gold Cup Race for Maserati and Sets New Lap Record Hawthorn is Second on Lancia/Ferrari's First Appearance in this Country. German Cars Dominate Production Saloon Car Race. Morgan Beats All-Comers in Production Sports-Car Race. Boshier-Jones First in 50-Mile F. III Race. (Further pictures in Pictorial Review centre-spread.) Oulton Park is a true road circuit and...

Page 14 of October 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, October 1955

The Ulster Tourist Trophy

A Hard-Fought Victory for Mercedes-Benz  Belfast, September 17th. For the first time the Ulster T.T. became a straightforward, simple race, in which the first car to cover 84 laps of the Dundrod circuit would be adjudged the winner of the Tourist Trophy, presented by the R.A.C. In the past, complicated handicapping systems have invariably resulted in lack of public interest as well as lack of...

Page 6 of June 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, June 2002

Desmond Titterington

Desmond Titterington, one of Britain's Post-war all-rounders, died recently at the age of 73. The Ulsterman was a school friend of Archie Scott-Brown and competed in most forms of the sport during the 1950s. Sportscar success in a Jaguar C-type led to him joining the works team in 1955, but it was for Mercedes that he finished fourth in that year's Targa Florio. In single-seaters, he raced...

Page 10 of August 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, August 2000

The 39th Targa Floria youth to the fore

This year, the age old Targa Florio took on a new lease of life as it became an event counting for the manufacturers' world championship of sportscars. With the situation very open between Jaguar; Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, the race took on the position of the final decision for the honours in this championship. Mercedes-Benz went to Sicily in full force, while Ferrari did the best they could...

Page 40 of December 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 2000

Targa Florio

It was more than a race: It was a passion, a passion so strong that it still burns today. Paul Fearnley is swept off his feet by it, 23 years after the final chequer. A straight. After the innumerable (832 if you really must know) twists and turns, it's a straight that sticks in my mind. Odd that. And it's not the four-mile, aching-aim-flexing, crotch strap-readjusting, gauge-checking blind out...

Page 40 of November 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, November 1955

The Thirty-Ninth Targa Florio - Youth to the Fore

Palermo, October 16th This year the age-old Targa Florio took on a new lease of life as it was included in the events counting for the manufacturers' world championship of sports cars. With the points marking leaving the situation very open between Jaguar, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, the race took on the position of the final decision for the honours in this championship. Mercedes-Benz went to...

Page 50 of June 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 2004

The D-type cast

D-type voices Jaguar sports car successes put Britain on the international racing map. In the early 1950s, a time when its GP teams were still falling short, the D-type forced home the Coventry firm's pre-eminence by securing a Le Mans hat trick before Vanwall ended Britain's championship F1 wait at Aintree in 1957. Paul Parker speaks to several key players in the D-type's incredible story Sir...

Page 117 of March 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 117, March 2005

Simon TayIor's Notebook

Historic cars look best on a historic circuit. This June, the Ulster AC will recreate the wild days of the TT at Dundrod Historic motorsport is about bringing the past into the present. It's how we can see great cars, not in faded photographs or dusty museums, but doing what they were built to do. But if you didn't witness them in action first time round, you may never get the full picture. The...



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