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Page 14 of October 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, October 1955

The Ulster Tourist Trophy

A Hard-Fought Victory for Mercedes-Benz  Belfast, September 17th. For the first time the Ulster T.T. became a straightforward, simple race, in which the first car to cover 84 laps of the Dundrod circuit would be adjudged the winner of the Tourist Trophy, presented by the R.A.C. In the past, complicated handicapping systems have invariably resulted in lack of public interest as well as lack of...

Page 46 of March 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, March 1991

Veteran to classic -- Forgotten Journeys

A long time ago, when the Motor Sport offices were somewhat closer to the traffic-flow along the City Road than they are now, there existed a secondhand bookshop a few doors away. Browsing there, I came upon Self Portrait by Gilbert Frankau, which did not interest me until, glancing at a list of "Some of the People in the Story," I was astonished to find the names of SCH Davis, Sir Dehane...

Page 64 of May 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, May 1991

Cars in books

A little more about the cars used by Clare Sheridan, whose Sahara adventuress with a 1926 Renault we mentioned recently, emerge from a book about her tempestuous career, Cousin Clare by Anit Leslie (Hutchinson, 1976), whereas in her biography, To the Four Winds (Andre Deutsch, 1957), intriguing as this is, Clare does not refer to cars by make. In the former book the Renault is mentioned, and we...

Page 31 of January 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, January 1982

The Formula One Scene

IT IS with some relief that I welcome in 1982, for it means that the 1981 season is really over and the sooner we forget it the better. In the past we have had the silly season, which is usually a brief moment at the height of the summer, but 1981 was a silly season from start to finish. It began with the absurd idea that the Formula One Constructors Association was more powerful that the...

Page 80 of May 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, May 2004

A breath of French air

The Anglo-French Boulogne confrontations of the 1920s provided lots of variety, plenty of excitement and a tantalising glimpse of the European scene. By Bill Boddy Between the two world wars, motor racing became a popular sport. At first, however, not many British enthusiasts could afford to attend overseas events to see mad racing, which was banned on the English mainland. But Boulogne, just...

Page 93 of September 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, September 1997

Bruce Halford

Bruce Halford only completed half a lap of the 1959 Monaco GP. He explains why it still means more to him than any of his more conventional successes 1959 Monaco Grand Prix I don't think there's any doubt about my greatest race and it only lasted a single lap. It was at Monaco in 1959, when I qualified my 1 1/2-litre Lotus for the Grand Prix; only two other 1 1/2-litre cars qualified, and they...

Page 68 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 2004

Tiga economy

Although swamped by the spectacle of the factory Jaguars and Porsches slugging it out at the front, the semi-pros and the amateurs back in the pack were fighting tooth and nail for Group C2 honours in the 1980s. Paul Fearnley pays his respects to these unsung heroes. Lived in. Duncan Bain was here. So were: David Andrews, Michael Hall, Pierre Chauvet (aka Fritz Glatz), Max Cohen-Olivar, Giles...

Page 74 of April 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, April 1990

Letters - Whither Old Indys?

Sir, Having spent the last couple of years researching European cars at Indianapolis I was delighted to read Jenks' excellent account of the Maserati V8RIs at the Brickyard (MOTOR SPORT January/ February 1990). In the 1937 500 Texan Babe Stapp must have had more than clutch trouble to cope with. After the race he casually remarked: "when the gasoline started boiling in the carburettor I got kind...

Page 70 of December 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, December 1988

Shuttleworth Trust Anniversary

I used to watch the late Richard (Dick) Shuttleworth race at Brooklands and Donington Park. I remember him rushing frenziedly about his shed at the Track, flinging spares into his 30/98, and how he used to take off in his Comper Swift from just outside the shed instead of from the aerodrome — to Duncan Davis' wrath! Before that, I used to see Shuttleworth driving his de Dietrich in Brighton Runs...


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