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Page 3 of April 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, April 1942


MORE FRONTENAC [Last month H. L. Biggs gave some technical details of Frontenac Fords. A correspondent to " N.A.R.N.," the American Midget Car Racing Weekly, recently enquired whether early racing Chevrolets were" revamped" Model-T Fords or " Special " racing cars. In view of Biggs's article the reply may be of interest, and we accordingly reprint it from the January 22nd issue of the " National...

Page 63 of December 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, December 1992

Veteran to Classic

Another facet of motor racing history, the first British dirt-track car race meeting, took place in the summer of 1928. It was run by that great and ambitious Junior Car Club, the popular JCC, which had pioneered the 200-mile race for cars of up to 1½-litres at Brooklands in 1921, introduced easy-to-understand handicapping, by turns instead of time, at its long-distance International Trophy races...

Page 22 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1947

Club News

We Hear R. W. Pollack knows of ten keen Frazer-Nash owners in the Birmingham area. His own Black burn-engined "Shelsley" Frazer-Nash is being fitted with a Clyde supercharger by Chris. Shorrock. Leslie Seyd has very thoroughly rebuilt the ex-Shakespeare 1913 "12/14" Mors and also has the 1912 14-h.p. Gregoire. L. W. Thomas is building a 2-seater "special", using 3 in. by 16-g. tubular chassis...

Page 11 of August 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, August 1939


The Fastest Road Car IBELIEVE that a writer of motor notes for one of the daily newspapers wrote of the Invitation Road-Car Race which took place at Brooklands on Whit-Monday that about all it proved was that the fastest road-equipped car was Arthur Dobson's. The majority of students of form with whom I have discussed the matter seem to share the view that this race, or to be more accurate, these...

Page 9 of April 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, April 1943

Cars I have owned

C. W. P. Hampton, well-known member of the Bugatti Owners' Club and Vintage S.C.C., and now a lieutenant in the Guards, continues the story of his 22 cars in 12 years' ownership, and expresses a decided preference for Continental productions. The Editor and proprietor of this paper do not necessarily endorse his views.—Ed. In 1937 I decided to have a crack at winning the Bugatti Owners Club's...

Page 80 of July 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, July 2002

Students of speed

The intense sporting rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford stretches beyond the Thames, Lor'ds and Twickenham. Bill Boddy remembers their car and bike battles - a veritable breeding ground for future British Motorsporting talent It is rather pleasing to thing of the sight and sound of racing cars invading usually quiet private drives in country estates, as the Dark and Light Blues compared their...

Page 66 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, December 1979

The Brighton Run and a 1904 20 h.p. Thornycroft

This year's Veteran Car Run to Brighton, organised by the RAC and the VCC and generously sponsored again by Renault UK Ltd., had an entry of 321 pre-1905 vehicles, of which 21 were reserves. This is a larger entry than the Police have welcomed previously and a splendid tribute to the prevailing enthusiasm for the truly historic cars. As usual, these veterans came not only from Britain but from...

Page 6 of June 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, June 1937


E.R.A. AND THE SUNSHINE AT SHELSLEY RAYMOND MAYS'S NEW RECORD. A SPLENDIDLY ORGANISED MEETING. Perhaps Leslie Wilson's luck has changed, for with the commencement of the new timing methods at ShelsleyWalsh Hill Climb cante really good weather conditions, a thing very necessary but, alas, all too rare at our premier speedhill climb. This year eliminating runs were held in the morning, the...

Page 11 of November 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, November 1937


" BIRA " MAKES HIS BOW VICTORY IN IMPERIAL TROPHY RACE AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE WITH HIS E.R.A. THE LAP RECORD SET TO 58.63 M.P.H. BY ARTHUR DOBSON (E.R.A.). EXTREMELY CLOSE FINISH. THE last meeting of the season at the Crystal Palace had a hang-over, as it were, of the glamour of Donington the previous Saturday, because Dick Seaman was to do an exhibition run with a Grand Prix Mercedes-Benz and the...

Page 66 of September 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1987

Veteran to classic: The 1903 Gordon Bennett Napier

First to wear the green" Last month we heard the good news that, after persevering since 1979, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu has been able to arrange for the return to this country of Britain's oldest surviving racing car, which had been in the United States for 37 years. The National Heritage Memorial Fund has contributed £150,000 to the total cost (approaching £300,000), and it is hoped that the...



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