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Page 9 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, September 2004

You were there

This is the latest chapter in our series for photographs taken by you. This month we take a look at Trenton Speedway, The Tasman Cup, Silverstone, Mallory Park and a Bo'Ness hillclimb. It is not often that we are sent photos of the Indycar scene of the early 1960s so when these shots from Trenton Speedway in 1961 dropped on our desks we pounced on them Charles J Bough's candid portraits of the...

Page 94 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, May 2014

The dinosaurs' last roar

The rear-engined revolution was in full swing at Indy by 1964, but the stars weren’t yet in alignment. Thus were the traditional roadsters permitted one final lap in the Brickyard’s spotlight...Writer Paul Fearnley Two-fifths of the American population watched The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. Beatlemania had turned transatlantic: John, Paul, George and Ringo – plus Jim Clark. More than...

Page 43 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, May 2014

Gordon Kirby

When Mario Andretti turned pro Fifty years ago this month, Mario Andretti quit his day job to become a professional racing driver. Mario had built his reputation in the north-eastern USA throughout 1962 and ’63, winning a bunch of races aboard his own Triumph-powered three-quarter midget, as well as the Kurtis-Offy midget of Bill and Ed Mataka (above). He drove the Mataka brothers’ midget in more...

Page 36 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 2003

America's all action hero

'He truly never met a race car that he didn't like. All US racing was clamped in an AJ Foyt stranglehold' Detractors of America's all-action hero point to his rare European forays. But Joe Scalzo argues that Foyt did enough at home to be classed a true great It was a great racing civilisation that America had going for itself in the mid-1960s, and certainly its highlight was getting to watch A J...

Page 92 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, September 2002

'johnny found himself in a shallow creek bed with both arms pulverised from the effects of three wailing end- over- end'

:Johnny found himself in a shallow creek bed with both arms pulverised from the effects of three wailing end-over-ends' JOHNNY RUTHERFORD CHEATED DEATH TWICE. BUT HIS SUCCESSES IN THE INDY 500 OWED LITTLE TO LUCK: HE WAS SIMPLY SCINTILLATING WHEN IT MATTERED MOST JOE SCALZO PROFILES A TEXAN WHO CONQUERED THE BRICKYARD THREE TIMES SPECTATORS AT THE 47m INDIANAPOLIS 500 back in 1974 had the choice...

Page 35 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, October 2000

Stars & Gripes

The success of Lotus at Indy led to some of the craziest most nightmarish cars ever seen at Brickyard. Joe Scalzo tells their strange tells and sympathises with those who drove them them. Тhe great Don Branson (1920-1966) was, among many wonders and eccentricities, a tortoise. He abominated having to flop on his back in a race cat Front-engine Offenhauser roadsters and upright dirt track cars...

Page 22 of October 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, October 2011

Nigel Roebuck

Roebuck REFLECTIONS 'ormu a 1 awats tne fa Letna Lang none tne out over BBC/Sy dea LS tracK feared by dhvers here's more t n one way to skin a McLaren, and we saw that again in Hungary. A week earlier, at the Niirburgring, Lewis Hamilton was at his best and scored an emphatic victory, while Jenson Button had one of those unaccountable weekends when he was never a factor. At Budapest, though, the...

Page 16 of February 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 2001


Mario Andretti is not given to hero-worship. He will readily concede that Alberto Ascari was the man who fired in him the ambition to race cars, but that was an adolescent thing. In 1954, when aged 14, he was taken to Monza, saw Ascari in a Ferrari, and was forever changed. The next summer the Andrettis left for the New World, in search of a better life, and as soon as they settled, in Nazareth,...

Page 30 of March 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, March 2002

Smart Rookie

It wasn't Graham Hill's first visit to Indianapolis, but it was his first crack at the race - and he won. Or did he? Joe Scalzo unravels the controversy Ray Harroun spent seven hours on the three million bricks of Indianapolis getting his bones beaten to powder winning the inaugural 500-mile sweepstakes. Called upon to say a few words for posterity, Harroun suffered a coughing fit. Then meekly...

Page 36 of January 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 2013

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections - The free spirit of Kimi Räikkönen - Mental gamesmanship in Formula 1 - The remarkable life of Chris Economaki * It was just Kimi Raikkonen's luck that, after coming close on a number of occasions, when he finally won a Grand Prix for Lotus it had to be in a country where the attitude to booze is somewhat at odds with his own. On the podium over time Kimi has shaken the champagne in...



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