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Page 124 of July 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 124, July 2010

Jaguar XJ220

The XJ220 wasn’t the car that Jaguar had promised its customers – in fact, in a happy twist of fate the end product turned out to be even betterBy Richard Heseltine Oh to have been a fly on the wall when this series was first mooted. Just imagine the pitch: a championship for racing drivers no younger than 50 years of age competing in identical Jaguar XJ220 supercars. Worth the best part of £500K...

Page 3 of May 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, May 2000


For the first time in my life I have declined an offer to drive a race car. I've come quite close in the past, invariably because the dimensions of its cockpit and those of this editor have been sadly at variance but, this time, I was just too scared. The scene is the press day for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Revival meeting, the plan a few light hearted squirts up Lord March's front...

Page 5 of January 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, January 2000

Group C roars back

Jan Lammers and Win Percy could be among the stars racing in a Group C revival masterminded by the Aston Martin Owners Club next season. Lammers will drive Jaguar Holland's XJR-9 in at least one of the five races. Percy will also drive a Jaguar run by Don Law. The spectacle of Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin competing head-to-head in a showpiece event at Spa next May is eagerly awaited by fans...

Page 5 of June 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, June 1999

Group C cars to race again at Donington

More than 20 sensational Group C sportscars is set to race alongside the FIA Thoroughbred GP Championship and the Aston Martin Owners Club's own series at its 60th Anniversary extravaganza at Donington on June 5/6. The 30-lap Group C event should be a highlight of the Historic season. Early response from owners hints at a representative C1 grid, including Jaguar XJ11 models, Porsche 956s and 962s...

Page 110 of September 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 110, September 2000


Broadspeed's Jaguar XJ12C would roar through qualifying only to limp out of almost every race. Andrew Frankel Samples the beast and tells British Leyland's cautionary Touring car story Everything is wrong. The engine won't work below 5500rpm and the red line states 7200rpm. The water temperature already says the massive, 5.4-litre, 560bhp V12 motor is starting to cook and here, on the Goodwood...

Page 40 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1996

Nuts and Bolts

Don Law has been working with, on and around Jaguars for the last 20 years, half of which has been for his own Stoke-on-Trent restoration concern. This particular project began in May of last year, when experienced dicer Colin Pearcy asked him to build a very original "lightweight" E-Type racer. Not a pukka Lightweight, you understand. At half a million pounds per example, they have virtually...

Page 36 of February 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, February 2006

24 heaven

He's won Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring and rues the passing of Group C. Andy Wallace tells Rich Heseltine why 800bhp is best “The problem with modern sportscar racing", muses Andy Wallace, "is that it's all about braking. There's little finesse. These days the key to being quick is how late you dare brake going for a corner and how quickly you can get down the gears. It would be much nicer if we...

Page 38 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, May 1996

E-Type Approval

It doesn't stop. But it goes. It slides. It barks. It bellows. This racing Jag met with Ian Flux's ... The modern motorist is a spoilt individual. Nowadays there's ABS and traction control and power steering and double-wishbone suspension and hi-revving multivalve engines with fuel injection and turbochargers and superchargers ... Ironically, such devices can either enhance the driving pleasure...

Page 5 of May 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, May 1997


Bette Hill, mother of Formula One World Champion Damon, and widow of 1962 and 1968 title holder Graham, has opened the new Pilbeam Racing Designs factory at Bourne. The Lincolnshire town is steeped in racing history. It was the birthplace of ERA prewar, and BRM afterwards. Raymond Mays was the link between these marques, and the chain continues, for Mike Pilbeam designed BRM F1 cars in the 1970s...

Page 94 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, August 2013

Lunch with Win Percy

He was already 31 when his career began in earnest, but a late start was no impediment for one of racing's true gents Writer Simon Taylor Analyse the human make-up of successful racing drivers, and you uncover fascinating variety. There'll always be a powerful will to win, of course, although this may manifest itself in differing ways. Plus you'd expect aggression: maybe openly on display, maybe...



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