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Page 27 of July 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, July 1968

On The Road

Having had a "Fiat Easter", I spent Whitsun, or the Spring Bank Holiday, driving an Alfa Romeo. Re-acquaintance with the Milan make was pleasing because, although the version used on this occasion was a saloon, an Alfa Romeo, in whatever form, I always associate with motor racing. I know you can say the same of Ford, these days. But whereas the owner of a Twin-Cam Cortina or Escort has an...

Page 64 of March 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, March 1992

Air books

It is notable that, as was the case with RFC experiences after WW1, books are still coming out about flying in WW11, long after the conflict has ended; which may be no bad thing, because it is said that history should be allowed to mature before being written about. The Wingham Press, of 28 High St, Wingham, Kent, who are in the fight to save the battle of Britain aerodrome at Hawkinge from being...

Page 11 of February 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, February 1968

The B.M.H.-Leyland Merger

On the very same day that Ford of Britain chose to announce their small car competitor, details were officially released of the biggest merger in Britain's industrial history. The £410 million tie-up between British Motor Holdings and Leyland has created the sixth largest vehicle producing company in the world behind General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen and Fiat. The new company is known as...

Page 51 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, June 1967

How the Rover 2000 is made

A look at the Solihull Assembly Plant Having eulogised elsewhere in this issue about the present-day 2-titre P6 Rover, I thought I had better go up to the Solihull factory to see how these extremely popular cars are put together. This I did towards the end of April, in the editorial 2000TC. When, in 1963, the Rover Company decided to put the advanced 2000 into production a special new factory...

Page 90 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, October 2004

The rise of Fall

From Yorkshire and a Mini to a GM competitions boss. Tony Fall tells John Davenport how he did it Tony Fall was a rally phenomenon in the 1960s. Just as the works teams were starting to go all Scandinavian, along came this cheerful young lad from Yorkshire to give them a run for their money. His first event outside Britain was the Alpine Rally of 1965: he finished eighth in a Mini Cooper S and...

Page 48 of November 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1968

On The Road

30/98s at Luton • A Ford Cortina GT Estate Car • Sunbeams at Sandhurst The third Vauxhall Motors' "At Home" to members of the 30/98 Register took place on September 21st and, having been invited. I decided that the right motor car to go in would be a 30/98. So I invited myself and my wife into the spartan tonneau of the well-known 1923 model belonging to Tony Jones, a car which serves him for...

Page 74 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 2009

Lunch with Paddy Hopkirk

The PM, Brucie, The Beatles… They all wanted to know this Belfast boy after his Mini win in Monte Carlo. But that was just one of his many successes In the UK at least, the frenzy surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship win last November spread far beyond Formula 1’s normal audience, and for a few days his name was on the lips of politicians, comedians, media pundits, even the priest on...

Page 13 of November 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 1968

Matters of Moment

• Showtime Soliloquy Less than a week ago the Earls Court Motor Show ended, marking the end of another year. It has been a year marred by riots, floods and strikes, and set about with speed-limits, so that the hand of both man and nature has inflicted us with disasters. Add to this the latest manifestation of Go Slow with Labour, whereby the Post Master General has messed-up Her Majesty's Mails (...

Page 20 of January 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, January 1969

The Best Yet

A Rover Experimental Sports Car Most of us at some time or another must have sat round a fire with a group of friends and designed the perfect "special", the car to fulfil all our needs and built with unlimited money and resources. No two such specials were ever really alike because we all have different ideas and different requirements, but occasionally a more rational approach would produce...

Page 60 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, October 1973

Road Test - The M.G-B GT V8

Six years too late, comfortable seating, poor ride, excessive wind noise , fast and economical There are those who say that certain sectors of the British motor industry would have been in a better state had the formation of the British Leyland Motor Corporation never occurred. Possibly, but in another respect it might have been an advantage if the merger had occurred a couple of years earlier...



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100 years, three cars, one epic track test



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