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Page 16 of December 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1942


A remarkable tricycle Several times recently we have referred to Holland Birkett 's Raleigh-cum-Austin Seven tricycle, and having now covered a considerable mileage in its passenger's seat we have come to the conclusion that it is a quite outstanding contrivance. Although it naturally used its supply of basic petrol up to the end of October, to obtain this extra ration was not its constructor-...

Page 20 of December 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1940


WHY NOT TWO WHEELS? I IN VIEW OF THE PRESENT HIGH COST OF MOTORING, THERE IS REASON TO CONSIDER THE CASE FOR THE SPORTS MOTOR-CYCLE, AND IN THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE SOME POINTS WORTH CONSIDERING ARE PUT FORWARD IN ITS FAVOUR—Ed.] MY stable is limited to two motorcycles and the usual rebuilt Austin Special. The former consist of a 1920 side-valve Stinbeam which was purchased at the local garage for £...

Page 57 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, March 1981

Cars in Books

Although it is splendid period reading, about the First World War and the 1920s, "The Private Diaries Of Rider Haggard — 1914-1925", edited by D. S. Higgins (Cassell, 1980), is not a very rewarding book as far as this column is concerned, for while there are a few references to cars, the makes are never quoted. There are, however, descriptions of how civilians living on the east coast of Britain...

Page 10 of July 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, July 1939


A SUPERCHARGED ROLLS-ROYCE DETAILS OF D. FITZPATRICK'S BLOWN 1926 "PHANTOM I" MENTION amongst enthusiasts of supercharging a Rolls-Royce always arouses interest and discussion, because the Rolls-Royce Company has never listed a blown car, although it is no secret that such engines have been assembhd for experimental purposes in the Derby factory before new models have been finally decided upon—...

Page 12 of June 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, June 1941

Scuderia M.A.R.S.

[We have put the case for the Scuderia method of joint ownership and a number of such organizations have been described. In this article J. R. A. Green, now 2nd Lieut., R.A.S.C., describes another successful stable.—Ed.] THE period over which our motoring experiences extended was from 1933-1939, although strong vintage sympathies, and impecunious state, led us to purchase motors of a much earlier...

Page 76 of August 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, August 2005

A life less ordinary

Charles Amherst Villiers: from supercharging to James Bond, Churchill and a manned mission to Mars. Paul Kenny looks at an amazing maverick When you are next in London with half an hour to spare, take a cab to the National Portrait Gallery and go to Room 31. Halfway down the right-hand wall you will find a picture of Graham Hill painted in 1961 — trim moustache, pale blue Dunlop overalls and...

Page 64 of December 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 2004

Birkin's ghost

Sir Henry Birkin's book Full Throttle was a huge success on its publication in 1932. But he didn't write it. Gordon Cruickshank speaks to the man who did Michael Burn is 92, a former Times correspondent, poet and playwright. But when Henry Birkin met him he was a young student who had never written anything. A mere three weeks later, he had. Birkin did everything at 'full throttle'. "I met Sir...

Page 50 of October 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, October 1974

An interview with Capt. G.E.T. Eyston

The Editor Asks the World's Most Prolific and Successful Record-Breaker Some Questions and Gets Some Very Interesting Answers A book would be needed to detail all the racing and record-breaking achievements accomplished by Capt. George Eyston, OBE, MC, between 1923 and 1939. But the other day I was privileged to ask this astonishing man - Le Recordman to the denizens of Montlhery - some questions...

Page 29 of February 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, February 1957


A section devoted to old-car matters, both current and contemporary Fifty Years of a Nobody's Motoring Back in the dim ages, as far as my memory serves me, my first recollection is of a de Dion Bouton which my father used to take out on our country roads, by himself, despite the fact that he was very unpopular with various friends, who still rode in their carriages, because the horses would leap...

Page 95 of April 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, April 2002

Blower Bentley

by Michael Hay ISBN 9535827 2 Published by Number One Press, £65.00 Although Hay covered them in Bentley Factory Cars, this expansion must be the definitive word on Blowers. Majoring on the five works cars, Hay sets the scene with portraits of Birkin, Villiers and Dorothy Paget. Obsessive about details, but not adulatory about these legendary machines, Hay is frank about Villiers (who claimed...



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