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Page 78 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, September 2014

Go with the Blow

In 1930 Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin defied Bentley by supercharging its beloved 4½. Eighty-four years on, we take an unforgettable ride as the Blower blasts back to the track where its legend was written Writer Rob Widdows We thunder through the night; I cannot feel the top of my head, so fierce is the wind buffeting from the bonnet. I try to snuggle down into the warm footwell but to no avail. On we...

Page 58 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, July 2014

Bentley 3-litre

Classic carsOur very first road test, taken from Motor Sport, July 1924 | by 'FULL THROTTLE'* The sporting car, as a class, has characteristically more distinction than that possessed by touring types. Being out of the ordinary, and intended to emphasise particular motoring qualities, the sporting car usually has quite an individuality. Some sporting cars, of course, seem to stand quite apart...

Page 19 of November 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1933


RACING MARQUES GREAT BENTLEY The first car. THE name of Bentley was by no means unknown in the racing world before the first car bearing it ever made its appearance. All followers of the sport in pre-War days remembered " W.O. on his little D.F.P. in the 1914 T.T., and the plucky performance which he put up. When, therefore, directly after the war it became known that he was going to produce a...

Page 33 of September 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, September 1935

A New Racing Fuel-20 per cent. H20

giving demonstrations. said to be interested. The fuel is composed of raw spirits, oils obtained from vegetable bases, ordinary tap water, and a secret chemical binder. The water content can vary from 13 per tent. to 20 per cent. Recently Capt. D. B. K. Shipwright arranged for the first test of this fuel in a fast car. At the Baron's request his shed at Brooklands was curtained-off, and chemical...

Page 9 of August 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, August 1925


E. A. D. Eldridge versus J. G. Parry Thomas. A THRILLING DUEL AT BROOKLANDS. THE much-discussed duel between E. A. D. Eldridge and J. G. Parry Thomas was included in the programme of the West Kent Motor Club's meeting at Brooklands on July 11th, but the spectacle failed to attract public attention, though one would have imagined that events of this character should stimulate track racing interest...

Page 10 of July 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, July 1924

Sporting Cars on Road & Track By "Open Throttle"

No1. The Three Litre Bentley The sporting car, as a class, has characteristically more distinction than that possessed by touring types. Being essentially out of the ordinary, and representing the result of concentration upon a design intended to emphasise particular motoring qualities, the sporting car usually has quite an individuality of its own. Some sporting cars, of course, are much more...

Page 15 of March 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, March 1949


by "Baladeur" The name of Marius Barbarou is not, it would seem, as well known in this country as it ought to be. Indeed, so much is this the case that, when English commentators have occasion to mention it at all, they seem invariably to spell it Barbaroux; but I am convinced that the 'x' is quite intrusive. His Christian name alone is enough to label him a southerner, and I believe that I...

Page 61 of July 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, July 1998

Forrest Lycett and his amazing 8-litre Bentley

Forrest Lycett’s 8-litre Bentley was probably the ultimate road-racing car of its era. Bill Boddy recalls its achievements and those of its remarkable owner The 8-litre Bentley campaigned by the late Forrest Lycett was a very impressive sportscar a long time befpre highly-tuned 8-litre Bentleys and later Bentley Specials appeared on the vintage scene. Certainly, in its day this car had not only...

Page 74 of April 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, April 1995

V-to-C Miscellany

Our "Forgotten Makes" article last year on the Duo cyclecar has brought a letter from Ron Jacob of Auckland, New Zealand, who believes that he may have the sole survivor. After work on its engine it got up to some 70 kph and its variable-pulley belt-drive and moveable back-axle gave it "a not-bad performance up hills, but the brakes…” The Early MG Society has its visit to the Cotswold Motor...

Page 76 of August 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, August 1998

Dr J.D. Benjafield - Bacteriologist and Bentley Boy

Dudley Benjafield was more than an eminent bacteriologist and bon viveur. He was also one of the finest amateur drivers of his age. Bill Boddy remembers him Dr Joseph Dudley Benjafield MD could easily be classed as a typical amateur participant in motor-racing who nevertheless achieved an entirely deserved place among the celebrated 'Bentley Boys' who drove for WO at Le Mans. This popular,...



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