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Page 130 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 130, November 2008

Lotus 20/22

With Formula Junior regaining popularity, now’s the time to invest in one of Colin Chapman’s creations. Which type will you go for?By Richard Heseltine It always was a catchy title. Fifty years young, Formula Junior is undergoing something of a renaissance, an under-the-radar second – or possibly third – coming with packed grids attracting newbies and old hands alike to entry-level historic...

Page 139 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 139, May 2014

Red rags and Red Bull

What stirs air racers’ thoughts at 250mph? Laundry, apparently Heading the latest issue of the FJ Newsletter, which Duncan Rabagliati handed me at Race Retro, I was interested to see that the club is responding to a perceived decline in driving standards in historic racing. Not FJ people, the mag hastens to point out, but to preserve the club’s friendly atmosphere the management has decided to...

Page 12 of June 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, June 2002

Sorry, wrong number

Sir, I very much enjoyed your Lola track tests, but must also 'commend' you for your imaginative explanation of the 1962 GP Lola's chassis number. BR stands for Bromley (where the cars were made) not Bowmaker Racing. The GP part was correct, but 42 is not Mark 4, chassis 2, as you suggested. Simply, its stands for chassis number 42 in the sequence of Lola single-seater chassis numbers. These,...

Page 6 of May 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, May 2004

Little cars, big grids

Sir, I can only marvel at your dexterity in managing to compile a 10-page Historic Season Preview in the April edition of Motor Sport - without more than the briefest passing reference to the 2003 Historic Championship of the Year. I am speaking of Historic Formula Junior, in which one can - quite literally - race every weekend between April and October, and which has a pool of over 200 cars...

Page 36 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1975

Books for the New Year

"The Indy 500—An American Institution Under Fire" by Ron Dorson. 229 pp. 9¼ in. x 6 in. (Bond Parkhurst Books, Newport Beach, California. 9.95 dollars). An ususual book this, which takes a hard look at the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, that remarkable Memorial Day institution that attracts enormous crowds and some 10,000,000 dollars to the American town of Indianapolis during the month of May each...

Page 36 of May 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, May 1985


The way in which John Tojeiro became a constructor is typical of the Fifties — he built a special intending to race it himself then first one, then another, customer arrived on his doorstep and suddenly he was no longer a special builder but a small scale constructor. Ironically, he never did get round to racing one of his own cars. Although little more than 30 Tojeiros were ever built, and...

Page 65 of June 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, June 2006

Senior Juniors

Formula Junior is in a renaissance as a historic category, 45 years after its heyday. But can Motor Sport do a 130mph lap average?Words: Marcus Simmons. Photography: Andrew Ferraro/LAT What is it about the human reaction to change? In the summer of 1958 the British motorsport press was scathing about Formula Junior, the category founded by the celebrated Count 'Johnny' Lurani and introduced in...

Page 4 of June 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, June 1998

Matters of moment

Two weeks ago I found myself hurtling through the Karussel on the Nürburgring's legendary Nordschleife with one Porsche 956 filling my Windscreen and another in the mirrors. At first I thought it was one more variation of a recurrent dream. Cars of this calibre stopped racing around the 13-mile track over a decade ago and, even had they not, it was hard to think of circumstances to place me on...

Page 6 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, October 1999

Connaught factory torn down

Connaught's racing car factory at Send, Guildford, from whence the first all-British winner of a post-war continental Grand Prix emerged, has been demolished, a new Connaught House office development will rise in its place. The developers last month marked Connaught's achievements with a lunch on site, and while Tony Brooks - winner of the 1955 Syracuse GP - could not be present, Les Leston and...

Page 44 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1976

Books for Christmas

"The World Water Speed Record" by Leo Villa and Kevin Desmond. 206 pp. 8 3/4 in x 5 1/2 in. (B. T. Batsford Ltd., 4, Fitzhardinge Street, London, W1H OAH. £4.75.) This is a most acceptable book, because it covers ground that is entirely new. It is high time the World's Water Speed Record was fully documented and this Kevin Desmond has now done most thoroughly, with extracts from earlier books...



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