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Page 5 of February 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, February 1936


KING GEORGE V In the death of His late Majesty King George the Fifth the British Empire, and' indeed the whole world, has sustained the most profound loss. At such times as this we are affected by a grief which transcends all other considerations, so that our sports, pastimes and mundane interests fall back, of necessity, before the realisation that the greatest Empire of all time, of which we...

Page 26 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, January 1931


LONDON TO RIGI-ITON How fifty-one veteran cars set out /Or Brighton and only three fell by the wayside. HALF-past-eight on a rather cold winter's morning. Imagine a large, low-roofed garage, lit by a somewhat ,lccasional electr;c light, and in it more than fifty motor cars, none of them less than twenty-six years old, and all of them being started up to take the road again. On every side men were...

Page 68 of March 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, March 1996

The Arnold Motor Carriage

This is an appropriate subject for this series, with the centenary of the British Motor Industry now being celebrated; moreover, according to the Guinness Book Of Records, the Arnold's forerunner, a Benz, enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the first car whose driver was convicted of speeding in this country. This involved Mr Walter Arnold, who was accused of driving a locomotive propelled...

Page 60 of January 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, January 1976

More on Second-hand Dinos

Sir, With reference to Mr. Edward's letter offering advice to a prospective purchaser of a 1971/72 Ferrari Dino, I would like to add some further useful advice, as although I have never actually driven a Ferrari, I did once see one go by on the road. I believe that a bumper for a Maserati can cost over £200 and a crankshaft for a Suzuki motorcycle is £50. Brillo pads are also more expensive than...

Page 73 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, April 1984

Out of the Past

At the VSCC Goodwood DTs that great enthusiast Monica Whincop, arriving as a Passenger in an Aston Martin instead of driving her 1100 HRG as she usually does, gave me a huge magazine called The Throne and dating from 1906. It was a society weekly couched in terms which would never do these days, advice about how to control and run stately homes being given a definitely Edwardian style. On the...

Page 42 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, February 1980

Star Postscript

[Last month we published Star Story, after the Editor had met Mr. Wallace Marsh, who was a Premium Pupil at the Wolverhampton Company before the First World War. Here is his postscript.] Old Teddy, the founder of Star and related cars — I call him that because that was the name by which all his workmen knew him — was married twice and altogether had 13 offspring. Apart from Dolly and Ethel, the...

Page 63 of December 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, December 1981

To Brighton in style

The Editor takes the National Motor Museum Trust's 1903 4 1/2-litre Daimler on the RAC Commemoration Run to Brighton At a time when the future of British Leyland looked likely to be at stake, it seemed appropriate in a way to take on this year's Renault UK-sponsored Veteran Car Run from London to Brighton in the 1903 Daimler from the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, because it has definite...

Page 16 of December 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1960

Books for Christmas reading

"Lost Causes of Motoring," by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. 224 pp. 8-3/4 in. x 5-5/8in. (Cassell and Company, Ltd., 35, Red Lion Square, London. W.C.1. 30s.) In the positive flood of motoring books which have marked the fading of an eventful 1960 a very few stand out from the others and are worth acquiring at all costs, even if this means buying them. Such a book is "Lost Causes of Motoring," the...

Page 36 of May 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, May 1977

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters A 30/98 with a difference A feature of recent VSCC competition events has been the surprisingly large number of 30/98 Vauxhalls taking part, which is a pleasing thing, for these cars are what vintage motoring is all about. Among these 30/98s has been the car modified before the war by the late Alan May, Sydney Allard's close friend, which Julian Ghosh has...

Page 55 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, October 1981

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Life and Times of Montie Grahame-White (Continued from the September issue) Following his unsuccessful debut as a racing driver in the 1902 Paris-Vienna race due to troubles experienced with the Wolseley Beetle which he was allocated, Lt Comdr (as he later became) Grahame-White (afterwards referred to as G-W) was asked to conduct some stunts in Richmond...



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