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Page 27 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1980

Matters of the moment

Television and the motor car "The living need charity more than the dead" — George Arnold, 1834-1865. The motor car preceded television by some forty years, although it might be said that whereas the former was practical transport by about 1905 (earlier if you possessed a Sixty Mercedes or similar), it wasn't until the 1950s or thereabouts, that everyman's TV arrived. Of this we were able to...

Page 11 of December 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, December 1944

On a mild disturbance in the Midlands

During February 1944, that wartime-formed body, the Midland Motoring Enthusiasts' Club, published, in the motoring Press, an invitation to the secretaries of the various motoring clubs to attend a meeting at which it was proposed to discuss a scheme which the MMEC had formulated in an attempt to reorganise the Sport after the war, and generally further motorists' interests. Twelve clubs were...

Page 7 of May 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1943

The second Motor-Racing Brains Trust

The second Motor-Racing Brains Trust went off successfully at the Rembrandt Rooms on March 28th, and every credit is due to Messrs. Capon, Rivers-Fletcher and Peter Clark for organising it. The 150 tickets which were available were all sold, and everybody who is anybody in our world who could attend did so. At the luncheon preceding the brains session, Capt. A. W. Philips was in the chair. Rivers...

Page 18 of December 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, December 1944

Club news

We hear Hispanos are in the news now. Apart from Peacock's, Metcalfe has a 27-hp 1929 saloon with high-pressure boots for sale, and Lt Rayner-Green, RA, has found what appears to be a late model "37.2" or "4.5" sports 4-seater in a farmyard near Exeter. Lt DG Hart, RA, has bought a 1929 41/2-litre Van den Plas open 4-seater with only 52,000 miles to its credit and seeks data as to probable...

Page 21 of April 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1940

On some motoring aspects of the present war

I THINK we can fairly safely assume that war is a novel experience tor the great majority of present-day motoring enthusiasts. Although I was of this world during the 1914-18 affair, I was not much disturbed by the unrest until my father failed to return. I was told he died painlessly, which was probably true; he was blown to fragments. We have had other wars since that time, but somehow most of...

Page 11 of January 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, January 1943

Things to which we can look forward

The war news, which is about the only news we get now, is so promising at the time of writing that there is a stronger incentive than ever to look forward to peace and consider what motoring then has in store for us. This is not a political paper, but motoring is such a vast and far-reaching business that everyday politics have a very important influence on it, and, remembering how great a part...

Page 2 of March 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, March 1943

The Motor Racing Brains Trust

Rivers-Fletcher and Bill Capon put over a very original form of motoring entertainment at the Rembrandt Hotel on January 31st, when they got five august persons to form themselves into a Brains Trust to handle questions sent in by enthusiasts, with Cecil Clutton to keep the "brains" up to scratch. The Brains Trust on this occasion comprised Peter Monkhouse, Laurence Pomeroy, Peter Berthon, Leslie...

Page 18 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1942

Club news

We hear…. Lord Avebury, of Jowett Cars, Ltd., is now the owner of the 1924 2-litre ex-Conan Doyle V12 Delage, which was given independent front suspension by L.M. Ballamy some years ago, as described in Motor Sport at the time. Grosscurth hopes to continue collecting interesting and fast cars, but at present uses a Swift Ten. J.V. Bowles, "Ulster" Austin Seven owner, has resorted to a 175-c.c. S....

Page 17 of February 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1953

Club news

We hear... The R.A.C. issued a news-paragraph on January 1st headed " Please Do Not Feed the Ponies ! " We thought at first that this was an attack on premium petrol but were relieved to find that what the R.A.C. had in mind is discouraging New Forest fauna from coming out of the forest onto the roads, thus leading to accidents. We stated, on the authority of the British Salmson Owners' Club that...

Page 21 of January 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, January 1948

Club News

We Hear A reader informs us that a 1921 "40/50" Rolls-Royce tourer has been purchased by a farmer from a garage in Llandudno, in which town a 1922 Rolls-Royce Twenty serves faithfully as a taxi and in which district are the remains of a 1913 "40/50'' and a carefully-used 1924 Twenty this make. Incidentally, our informant says the Castle Three, which last, year we referred to in our report of the...



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