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Page 75 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, March 1984

Borgeson on Miller

The history of the Miller racing cars which contributed such an important part to the American racing scene has been fully covered in the book written by Mark Dee, which for some reason or other has not come the way of this reviewer. I have heard enough about Miller history, however, to believe that nothing else on the subject is called for. So it came as a surprise to find an article on various...

Page 14 of February 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, February 1968

The Career of the Isotta-Maybach

So much interest has been created by last month's account of the aero-engined Wolseley Viper that I feel it permissible to write about another of these monster racing cars of the nineteen-twenties. The problem of which one to deal with is solved by what has gone before. Already, in writing of the racing cars in the Montagu Motor Museum and in other articles for Lord Montagu's magazine I have...

Page 51 of January 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, January 1981

Some Eyston Papers

A Glimpse Behind the Pre-War Record-Breaking Scene I have always had the greatest admiration for the late Capt. G. E. T. Eyston, OBE who although he achieved considerable success as a racing driver, made record-breaking his main activity (see Motor Sport for October, 1974). Some fascinating glimpses behind the scenes have come to light in the form of letters and papers left by Ernest Eldridge,...

Page 74 of March 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 1993

Aero-engined racing cars at Brooklands

Aero-engined Racing Cars at Brooklands, by Bill Boddy. GT Foulis & Co (Haynes Publishing Group plc). 160pp, £20.00. In those glorious motoring years between the two world wars, the 'right crowd' thrilled to the exploits of racing drivers round the Brooklands saucer. And few quite captured the public imagination as those who drove the behemoths powered by engines originally intended for...

Page 137 of June 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 137, June 2010

No fanfare for Montlhéry's première

In contrast to the opening of Brooklands there was no opening ceremony at Montlhéry. On October 4-5 in 1924 the Montlhéry banked track was ready for racing. The opening race was for cyclecars up to 500cc and had only three entries; the last race was 108 miles long for 750cc cars, which had seven entries – four Austin Sevens from England, a Benjamin and two Sandford three-wheelers. Gordon England...

Page 23 of February 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, February 1954

My Year's Motoring

The Editor Looks Back on the Cars He Drove During 1953 Another year over, a few more grey hairs, several thousand more miles of enjoyable motoring completed, in a variety of motor cars. When I came to sum up my year's motoring on New Year's Eve I was discomfited to discover that the score, so far as proper road-test cars were concerned, was merely — nine. Yet on reflection perhaps this isn't so...

Page 85 of December 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, December 1999

What about the D'Aoust?

What about the D'Aoust? WHAT ABOUT THE DAOUST? ONIN UI IAF WI II I 00KiNG into the history of Montlhery, the celebrated and still active 'Paris Autodrome', as it was called in the beginning, I was intrigued that, at the opening race-meeting in October 1924 , the concluding event was a six-lap race between Parry Thomas' well-known Leyland Thomas, Ernest Eldridge's enormous FIAT 'Mephistopheles'...

Page 94 of June 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, June 2005

WB miscellany

Salt Lake record breaker  --  Bill Boddy remembers Ab Jenkins, America's Mormon long-distance recordman David Abbot (Ab) Jenkins was highly respected in the USA as a long-distance record-breaker, both pre- and post-war, who set challenges for British drivers. A staunch Mormon, he was made Mayor of Salt Lake City. From bicycles the young carpenter, who was to develop his own building company, went...

Page 37 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, June 1981

Matters of Moment

Formula One Policy — No Holds Barred? No wonder Colin Chapman feels like abandoning Formula One Grand Prix motor racing, following the ban placed on his ingenious new Lotus 88 F1 cars. No doubt D.S.J. will be keeping us informed of developments in the Chapman camp and explaining the rights (if any) and wrongs behind the FISA decision. The way the layman-racing-enthusiast must see it is, surely,...

Page 102 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, July 1984

Vintage postbag

Valve Gear Sir, Your article about Arab valve gear was very interesting, and I hope you will keep passing on your knowledge of early engines in many similar articles. Of course, there are several controversial points. First, you say that valve overlap is hardly possible with a single cam. This is not so, as one cam follower need not have left the cam before the other hits it. Also, if the cam...



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