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Page 98 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, November 2014

Too free a spirit for Ferrari

He started only one GP, but had a better track record than the wider world appreciated. This is our tribute to the unconventional Jonathan Williams, who always knew there was more to life than racing. He passed away recently Writer: Adam Cooper Given that he lived a quiet and low-key life in Spain, Jonathan Williams was always bemused by the ability of a certain group of people to track him down...

Page 143 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 143, September 2014

From the archives with... Doug Nye

Pantomime horse... Ferrari stumbled ahead of the 2014 British Grand Prix, but theatrical mishaps have long been part of the team’s fabric As Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen failed to survive first qualifying for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, it became apparent that Ferrari had screwed up. It wasn’t alone: Williams got into the same muddle about which tyres to mount during a rain-...

Page 100 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, August 2014

"Imagine being protested by your own team..."

In an extract from John Surtees’ new book, we look back at the 1963 and ’64 seasons. The Englishman might have become the first racer to take world titles on two wheels and four, but it wasn’t all plain sailing The option of going back to Italy had been hard to resist, but before this I took part in the six-race Tasman series, starting off the season well with two wins and a second place in the...

Page 142 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 142, May 2014

Frame academy

How road and racing cars used to be built, a world away from CAD systems and wind tunnels The automobile per se is arguably the most transformative agent in modern history. In America the Revs Institute for Automotive Research is a new educational foundation dedicated to advance the scholarly study of automotive history. The Institute provides access to the magazine, book and photographic library...

Page 38 of October 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 1953

The Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometres Race

The Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometres Race ADENAU, August 30th. TO bring themselves in line with Italy and France in holding classic sports-car events the Germans organised a race over 44 laps of the 22-kilometre Nurburgring, the intention being to provide a gruelling race that would stand alongside the Mille Miglia and Le Mans. To anyone familiar with the Nurburgring there was no doubt at all that 1,...

Page 30 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, March 1981

Formula One Trend of Design

Forced Induction A development that has been slow in getting under way in Formula One is that of forced induction. Up to 1950 anyone who was really serious about Grand Prix racing built engines with forced induction, the basic system used almost universally being that of the positively-driven supercharger. Until 1938 it was accepted that all right-minded designers of racing engines would force...

Page 122 of April 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, April 2010

Ferrari Daytona

It wasn’t exactly the most fleet-looking Ferrari, but the Daytona was quick, and it proved a real heavy-hitter for years on track. Today, it’s still terrorising historic grids By Richard Heseltine The sense of disappointment was palpable. Somehow it appeared just so, well, predictable. When ushered in at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, Ferrari’s big-boned and full-bodied 365GTB/4 was met with muted...

Page 34 of December 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1934

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News Racing in "the Bois." In the French sporting calendar for 1935 there appears an entry, "Circuit des Lacs," on June 9th. Enquiry as to the locality of this race has produced the statement that the lakes referred to are the lakes of the Bois de Boulogne, in Paris. The idea is to run a road race in the Bois, and the organization will be under the control of the A.C. de l'...

Page 36 of August 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, August 1959

45th French Grand Prix-Grand Prix d'Europe

Ferrari Back on Form REIMS, July 5th. This year the G.P. of the A.C.F., better known as the French Grand Prix, was given the title of G.P. d'Europe, for what it was worth, and attracted a very strong entry of works teams and small private teams, as well as a few independents. As in previous years, a F.2 race was held as well, but this year it was run after the Grand Prix, and the annual 12-hour...

Page 43 of July 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, July 2001

Triumph from despair

1982 German Grand Prix Patrick Tambay (Ferrari 126C2) The 1982 German GP was by no means a classic. The enduring image is not of a great on-track battle, but of two drivers indulging in televised fisticuffs. But it was the race result that counted. From the depths, Ferrari scored a win that could not have been more timely. Ferrari's '82 season has been recounted many times. Suffice to say that...



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