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Page 78 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, September 2014

Go with the Blow

In 1930 Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin defied Bentley by supercharging its beloved 4½. Eighty-four years on, we take an unforgettable ride as the Blower blasts back to the track where its legend was written Writer Rob Widdows We thunder through the night; I cannot feel the top of my head, so fierce is the wind buffeting from the bonnet. I try to snuggle down into the warm footwell but to no avail. On we...

Page 138 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 138, July 2014

One giant leap

The space race wasn’t limited to matters extra-terrestrial. Some of the technology was having a significant impact on race tracks around the worldWriter Paul Fearnley Jackie Stewart, his luxuriant hair and sideburns bang on-trend, won a thrilling 1969 British Grand Prix in a car devised by rocket scientists.  The next day, buzz-cut Neil Armstrong – keeper of a Chevy Corvette leased from 1960 Indy...

Page 28 of January 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1972

The racing memories of J. C. Byrom

Recalled in a recent interview with the Editor Having reviewed Henry Longhurst's entertaining book last month we obtained from him the present whereabouts of J. C. Byrom and set off in the latest MG-B to chat with him about the old racing days, at his country house near Shrewsbury. The Byrom family did plenty of motoring, although their father knew nothing of cars, preferring horses. Jim Byrom...

Page 144 of September 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 144, September 2008

Bill Boddy

A life in the fast lane Family wealth allowed Dick Shuttleworth to pursue his passion for racing and flying, while his adventurous streak occasionally led him into trouble with the law Richard Shuttleworth (or Ormonde) was born in July 1909, educated at Eton and served with the Lancer Regiment. His parents, Colonel Frank and Dorothy Clotilda Lang, had been presented to King Edward VII and...

Page 32 of October 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, October 2011


RACERS JUST LIKE US FROM 2012 WILLIAMS IS RENEWING ITS LINKS WITH RENAULT, with whom we had a very successful working relationship between 1989 and '97. The main reason for making the change has been looking towards 2014, when the new V6 turbo engine arrives. I don't expect that the change will have a major influence upon our competitive position in 2012 that will have to come from a beffer car...

Page 31 of January 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, January 1982

The Formula One Scene

IT IS with some relief that I welcome in 1982, for it means that the 1981 season is really over and the sooner we forget it the better. In the past we have had the silly season, which is usually a brief moment at the height of the summer, but 1981 was a silly season from start to finish. It began with the absurd idea that the Formula One Constructors Association was more powerful that the...

Page 12 of January 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, January 1992

United Colours?

To those who hark back to his Formula Three days he is still the Man Who Could Beat Senna, but since those heady months in 1983 when their battle for the British title kept crowds on their toes, their career paths could not have been more divergent. Nobody is more aware of this than Martin Brundle. The very mention of that part of his past makes him uncomfortable. "It's an old saw, that! To be...

Page 50 of May 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 1981


Some personal landmarks I do not remember when I became obsessed with speed, but it must have been at a very early age, and I have no idea why. It was not due to family influence or environmental influence, but speed and racing attracted me long before my parents bought me my first pedal cycle. I had already found a lock-up garage within walking distance of my home in which two lads were...

Page 84 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, October 2004

A racer and a gentleman

Michele Alboreto loved his job. That's why he pounded on in F1 cars that could never do him justice. That's what led him to sportscars and a tragic death. David Malsher recalls his hero Wednesday April 25, 2001, had been a bad day at the office, and I drove home with Springsteen blaring out. Upon arrival, the phone was taken off its hook, the TV turned off and, for 10 hours, I was deaf to the...

Page 25 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 2012


By Nigel Roebuck For Rosberg, China win could be the first of many Jean-Pierre Beltoise’s only F1 victory, 40 years on During his very irst Grand Prix, at Bahrain in 2006, Nico Rosberg – then just 20 – set the fastest lap of the race, and did it, what’s more, in a Williams-Cosworth. No disrespect to Frank’s team, but this was long after its golden age had ended; no disrespect, either, to Cosworth...



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