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Page 46 of August 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, August 1984

The Other Cars of Brian Lister

"In the fifties," says Brian Lister, "you still had two distinct types of successful racing car designers. There were the designer / artists, such as John Cooper and myself, people with an engineering background who designed intuitively, and the designer / scientists such as Colin Chapman. I happen to have been involved in racing at the right time and when we had to make the decision to quit, in...

Page 134 of November 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 134, November 2010

You were there

This month, readers transport us to Detroit and Silverstone for Grand Prix action. We also feature Aston Martin in the 1950s at Le Mans and, er, Seaford ANDREW COSTIN-HURLEY These shots of ’50s Aston Martins were taken by ex-Ilmor engineer Andrew’s mother. “Mum’s cousin is Brian Clayton, an Aston race engineer from that era,” he explains. “Brian would travel from Feltham in a variety of cars to...

Page 149 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 149, July 2014

Something in the air

Once dismissed by Enzo Ferrari as a science for those who didn’t understand engines, aerodynamics proved to be manna for those who understood racing cars…Writer Adam Cooper This was a period of tumultuous change for Formula 1– and the greatest developments came in the field of aerodynamics. Just consider the arc of evolution between the Lotus 49B, which Emerson Fittipaldi raced at Brands Hatch in...

Page 15 of October 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, October 1966

A critical look at the Lotus Elan

Colin Chapman's Lotus project has been a significant success story, from humble but enthusiastic beginnings up to World Championship Grand Prix winning and Indianapolis-victorious level. This is attributable to Chapman's genius and drive, allied to the fact that he was a genuine motoring enthusiast before he became a business tycoon—and still is. So far as the sort of Lotus cars you can buy and...

Page 55 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, February 1980

Formula One Trend of Design

Radiators Since the first racing car was designed the radiator has been a tiresome necessity, and Gottlieb Daimler set us all on the wrong path by water-cooling his first V-twin engine. If water-cooling of the cylinder heads and barrels of the first internal combustion engines had not been invented, who knows where we would be now. At first the radiator was hung anywhere that was convenient and...

Page 52 of September 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 1995


Marcos — The story of a Great British sports car, by David Barber. Cedar Publishing Limited, Newnham-on-Severn, Glos, £19.95. 'Overtaking the hard way' was one of Rodeo Rod's early accomplishments. It involved driving a 750 Special right over the top of a Ford V8 Pilot within the confines of an arena, and if any of the amused fairground spectators happened to go to Silverstone the next weekend,...

Page 17 of April 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1958

Springtime activities in the workshops

As Easter approaches, and Goodwood opens the international racing calendar as far as Britain is concerned, there is more and more work going on in the various racing departments, and new cars begin to near completion while old ones are being finished off after a winter overhaul. In the middle of March, in time to get these words into print on April 1st, we made a visit to some of the premises...

Page 13 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, July 2003

Vanwall and the Lotus IX

Sir, It was an interesting coincidence that you should feature the Lotus Mark IX in the same issue of your magazine as the Vanwall, because these cars have a firm historical link. As helper to Colin Chapman on the design side I remember that the Vanwall's rear suspension was just a scaled-up version of the Lotus, and your articles reminded me of an incident... The same type of jig for the de Dion...

Page 31 of August 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, August 1984

TMC Costin

— a return to a theme We recently had an opportunity to drive the TMC Costin which has been designed by Frank Costin, is built by the Thompson Manufacturing Company in the Irish Republic and which is shortly to be marketed in Britain by Polaris of Petworth. In essence, the TMC is a return to the theme first essayed by Costin in 1959 when he produced the cycle-winged Marcos. Then, as now, his aim...

Page 122 of February 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, February 2008


Although an instant success on the track, the Marcos had a far from trouble-free upbringing By Richard Heseltine / Photography by Howard Simmons As bad an idea as it so often is to judge a book by its cover, with the Marcos coupé, it’s hard to resist the temptation. That long, priapic nose, improbably low roofline and super-swoopy hind treatment coalesce into one of the most dramatic outlines...



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