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Page 25 of July 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, July 1925


MOTORING SPORTSMEN. Capt. A. FRAZER NASH. By THE EDITOR. THE records of the motor industry contain no more outstanding example of personal achievement than is exemplified by the career of Capt. A. Frazer Nash, who needs no further introduction to our readers. Shortly after leaving school, at the time of the RussoJapanese War, young Frazer Nash, scenting adventure, went to sea, and shipping before...

Page 11 of March 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, March 1945


TWELFTH "REMBRANDT" AMMIER extremely successful enthusiasts' gathering happened, thanks to A. F. Rivers-Fletcher and his wife, at the Rembrandt Hotel on e February 11th, some 150 persons attending the lunch and the "To Start You Talking "feature. E. C. Gordon England was in the chair, and he reminded us what good fun motor racing was, and suggested that, quite apart from national prestige,...

Page 44 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 1931


ITEMS OF INTER1-4,ST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES Diesel Car at Daytona. a private cable to Messrs. C. C. Wakefield & Co. Ltd., Mr. C. L. Cummins, the well-known American engineers announces that in the course of a trial officially observed by the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association his Diesel-engined car established a record for this type of vehicle of 100.75 m.p.h. This remarkable...

Page 30 of April 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1928

The Langford and District Light Car Club.

The Langford and District Light Car Club. The Annual Dinner of the Club was held on Friday, March 9th, in Bristol. This function was very well supported by members and friends. Captain A. Frazer Nash was the Guest of the Evening. In proposing the toast of " The Club," Mr. R. F. Lyne touched on the success attained by the Club. In replying, Mr. S. G. MacWalker, Club Captain, gave a brief history...

Page 6 of July 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, July 1924

Some Thrills with "Kim II" by Capt. A. Frazer Nash A.M.I.A.E

The famous road and track driver relates some of his exciting experiences at the wheel of the world's fastest cyclecar. Kim's engine started life at the old Hendon works of the G.N. Company in far-off 1913. Even as a puppy, it gave great promise—you see it had a pedigree behind it ! But it was not until after the war, when its compression and timing had grown up and it had outgrown the...

Page 3 of December 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, December 1926


EDITORIAL NOTES. Ramblings, Rumours and Reminiscences. Being Asides About All Sorts of Things. AWEEK or so since we were reminded that thirty years ago the motorists of this country received their charter of liberty and that henceforth they might go their ways without being preceded by a man on foot carrying a red flag. Therefore on November 14, 1896, the progressive advance in legislation was...

Page 34 of October 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 1926


SMALL CAR WITH A BIG PERFORMANCE: THE FRAZER NASH SPORTS MODEL. WHtN Capt. A. Frazer Nash announced his intention of producing a four cylinder model, a large body of motorists, sporting men in particular, looked forward to something quite unique in car construction, and had not long to wait before their most sanguine expectations were realised, for without doubt the Frazer Nash boasts a most...


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