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Page 98 of July 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, July 2000

Lotus 79

The Lotus 79 was the best example of the sort of racing car that Gary Anderson likes best: Brave, innovative, simple and capable of making its rivals look like also-rans straight out of the box. The Lotus 79, the first real ground effect car was a very, very good package, the first realisation that aerodynamics were becoming crucial and that you could make ground effects work. Everybody then...

Page 10 of May 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 1994

Against expectations

  In the end, the Brazilian Grand Prix went against all expectations. Few would seriously have bet against the chances of Ayrton Senna, on his homeground, and the Williams-Renault. Even less so if you gave full credibility (and there was every justification to) to stories that the Brazilian had actually lapped Imola in recent testing another six-tenths of a second quicker than Michael Schumacher...

Page 83 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, November 2004

Yellow fever

Jordan is at a low ebb in 2004, but five years ago it was all so different. Adam Cooper recalls how close it came to title glory Ford's decision to abandon Formula One has created a cloud of uncertainty, not just over Jaguar — up for sale to the highest bidder — but also the teams who expect to use its Cosworth engines next year. Eddie Jordan could have done without this extra hurdle as his team...

Page 31 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, September 2004

My hero: by Gary Anderson

"I started out at Brabham as a mechanic and it was Gordon Murray who fired my interest in the design side, with cars like the BT42 and BT44. In those days the design departments of Formula One teams were small bands of one or two people and mechanics were much more involved. There were more opportunities in the early 1970s than there are now and Gordon was always very encouraging; you could ask...

Page 26 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, November 1995

Fruits of passion

Eddie Jordan knows the mild taste of Formula One success. In 1996, he knows he has to get used to something a little stronger "Out of my way, you froggies," demanded Eddie Jordan, face creased with a mischievous grin, as he pushed his way into the Ligier awning. "I'd like to have a word with my driver! "Tom? Tom? Come out of there, you coward..." Had the object of his taunt, Tom Walkinshaw,...

Page 58 of April 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 2009

Lunch with Eddie Jordan

He’s the racer-turned-team boss whose wheeling and dealing helped him scale the heights of Formula 1 – and bring a sense of fun to the grid It’s safe to assume that we will never again see the like of Jordan Grand Prix. As the financial and political qualifications for entry into Formula 1 become ever tougher, and the paddock becomes more and more serious and straight-faced, so the possibility of...

Page 74 of August 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, August 1997

Goodwood Festival of Speed: Pictorial Review

The sight and sound of the sole surviving V16 Auto Union mountain climb car, a great silver fish of a machine which slithered and growled under expert control, twin rear wheels scrabbling for grip in the omni-present rain, was as unforgettable to the 100,000 people who watched, entranced, at the fifth Goodwood Festival of Speed, as it was to its driver, Hans-Joachim Stuck. As if the clock was...

Page 115 of July 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 115, July 1994


SASOL JORDAN In 1993 Jordan began the long climb back to the respectability of its first Fl season, following the slump of 1992. This year it has been able to build on that new foundation, and the Silverstone team looks stronger than ever. After his tricky start Eddie Irvine is now backing Rubens Barrichello well, and with Brian Hart's VI and Gary Anderson's nimble chassis the team is once more a...

Page 22 of November 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, November 1991

Formula One Scene

Worrying traits There is little point is writing much about the F1 World Drivers' Championship in this issue of Motor Sport, published on October 25, because even if you are reading it promptly the result might have already been settled at the Japanese Grand Prix, held at Suzuka on October 20. Even if the decision goes to the final race, in Australia on November 3, the best we can do is to...

Page 66 of July 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, July 1989

Interview: Roberto Moreno

Third time around When all eyes are focused on the front row of the grid at Silverstone, and most likely on Ayrton Senna in particular, spare a thought for one of his compatriots who had a taste of the big time when Senna was in Formula Ford but who is only now having a second bite of the apple. It was as a 22-year-old Formula Three driver that Roberto Moreno was offered a Lotus test-drive. Who...



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