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Page 56 of April 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 2001

Up the creek without a saddle

Nuvolari, Rosemeyer, Surtees and Hailwood were bike stars who made seamless transitions to four wheels, from leaning to sliding. But a two-wheel hero's speed, balance and competitive edge doesn't guarantee four-wheel success. Fate can play a hand, as Colin Goodwin explains Geoff Duke Lancashire's Geoff Duke was at the top of motorcycle racing at the end of the 1951 season. He'd just won the 350...

Page 92 of May 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, May 2004

An easy rider born to drive

Gary Hocking called a premature halt to his meteoric bike career in 1962. He felt Formula One was a safer option... Paul Fearnley recalls a talent that shone brightly, but much too briefly It was a remarkable opening lap of a remarkable circuit. Rhodesia's Gary Hocking had been drawn at six, his MV Agusta team-mate Mike Hailwood at three and his good friend, Honda's Aussie charger Tom Phillis,...

Page 23 of September 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1975

Looking Back with Mike Hailwood

Few competitors have made the transition from motorcycle racing to the world of Formula One with the same success as Mike Hailwood. John Surtees of course, for whom Hailwood drove Grand Prix cars for over two years, won seven World Championships on two wheels as well as one on four wheels, but apart from him only a small handful attempted the switch. Geoff Duke tried abortively, while Gary...

Page 51 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, June 2012

A jam-packed season

Owen racing organisation BRM versus Team Lotus For the two drivers who battled out the 1962 Formula 1 World Championship to its nail-biting last-round conclusion, the year had started very differently. While Jimmy Clark was dominating a south African Formula 1 tour in baking sunshine, graham hill and his equally roustabout friend Peter Jopp were slithering down to Monaco over ice and snow in the...

Page 39 of November 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 2012

Farewell Casey

In a few weeks Casey Stoner is due to ride the final race of his career. The Australian rider's decision to quit while at the top of the sport still seems surprising five months after he made the announcement. So far, only two other premier-class World Champions have decided to get out of motorcycle racing while wearing the crown. At the end of 1960 John Surtees hung up his leathers to switch...

Page 20 of October 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, October 1962

International Gold Cup

Runaway win for Clark (Lotus-Climax) TARPORLEY, September 1st The Gold Cup race at Oulton Park attracted a good field, in spite of no support from foreign works teams, and twenty-three cars lined up on the grid, headed by Ginther (B.R.M.) in pole position with a practice lap in 1 min. 38.6 sec. This had been equalled by Clark (Lotus 25) and also on the front row were G. Hill (B.R.M.) and McLaren...

Page 21 of March 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, March 2005

My only grand prix -- Neville Lederle

1962 South African at East London What was the background to your grand prix debut? I campaigned a Lotus 20 Formula Junior in England in 1961 and then brought it back home for the '62 season. Then I bought Syd van der Vyver's Lotus 21. It was one of the Team Lotus cars that Jimmy Clark and Trevor Taylor had brought out in 1961. The first race I did with it was the Rand Spring Trophy, where Gary...

Page 8 of December 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, December 1962

Trials topics

This year the R.A.C. Trials Championship has been moved from its customary date in December to March 23rd, 1963, thus bringing about a most unusual state of affairs, where competitors will be striving for points in the Championship Sporting Trials during January, February and March, to qualify for the 1963 Championship, whereas the Championship for 1962 has yet to be decided. So far all but one...

Page 10 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, October 1996

Gardner's Question Time

Paul Fearnley fulfils a long-standing ambition to meet a man whose achievements bely his legendary status Jeez, you know me better than I do." Frank Gardner is a bit vague over facts and figures. He's every right to be. He has been involved in motorsport for over 40 years as a mechanic, a driver, an engineer and a team manager. Only now he is throttling back, although his idea of 'Dunworkin',...

Page 51 of June 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, June 2002

A cruel twist

Thirty years ago, committed safety campaigner Jo Bonnier lost his life at Le Mans, the race he consistently criticised for being too dangerous. By Adam Cooper Despite the massive success he achieved elsewhere in sportscar racing, Jo Bonnier hated Le Mans. He hated the fact that if you tried to actually race, your car would fail. And above all, he hated what he felt were unacceptable risks. "I've...



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