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Page 5 of June 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, June 1949

Reports of Recent Events

Mille Miglia Placings Placings in the Mille Miglia 1,000-Mile Sports Car Race, which was won by Biondetti and Selani in a 2-litre Ferrari, are given below. Britain was well up, for Wisdom and young Geoffrey Healey won the touring category outright in a Healey, while the Bristol saloon of Count Lurani and H. J. Aldington was third and Donald Healey's Healey saloon fourth in this class. Retirements...

Page 5 of May 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, May 1950

Reports of Recent Events

West Essex C.C. Speed Trials On March 26th the W.E.C.C. held speed trials at Boreham airfield, timing cars in pairs over a standing kilometre—an ambitious event for a new club. They hope later to hold races there, so that Boreham, near Chelmsford, can be added to the British venues listed Editorially last month. Again indicative of the present-day interest in motor sport, 96 entries came in for...

Page 56 of September 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, September 1995

Tax Exile

The Nash-Healey was the first of the post-war Anglo-American hybrids, presaging various Allards, the AC Cobra, Ford GT40 and 71/R Griffith, as well as more refined vehicles from Bristol, Gordon-Keeble and Jensen. It was made only for sale in America, although works cars competed with distinction at Le Mans and in the Mille Miglia. But it was done for by economics and a family rival. In 1949...

Page 106 of May 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, May 1978

Straightening W.O.'S record

Sir, The various items in your magazine about the 3-litre Armstrong Siddeley have been very interesting. I have already written to Mr. Boddy about his original contribution. Now I have just seen the letters from Geoffrey Healey and K. G. Gilling. I feel I should enlighten the latter on various points: first, the Invicta "Black Prince" engine was not designed by W.O., but by W. G. Watson, who had...

Page 32 of May 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1989

New cars: Healey 3000 replicas

Evolution theory The arguments begin again ... when is a replica not a replica? Peter Thorp went through this with the GT40, and Brian Angliss with the AC MkIV, now Geoffrey Healey faces the dilemma as he presents the Healey Silverstone and Mk IV models, visually resembling the classic six-cylinder 3000 model but totally re-engineered around Rover's 3.5-litre V8 and five-speed transmission. "I...

Page 21 of April 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1972

Matters of Moment

A new sports car—The Jensen-Healey We began the year with the suggestion that a sports-car renaissance might well be a feature of the nineteen-seventies, based on the assumptions that the motor car continues to be a status-symbol or, put less blatantly, a pleasurable possession, and that, in open two-seater form, it adds the benefit and enjoyment of fresh-air motoring, good handling and a sense...

Page 20 of December 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1948

Club News

Club News WE HEAR While touring in France this year Major Dove encountered a four-cylinder 1911 Piccard-Pietet which has been in 'use as a garage breakdown vehicle since 1921. Clifford Robins of Yeovil has been in the local papers on account of his single-seater sports car, which has a 4300-e.c. Matchless" Silver Hawk "squarefour motor-cycle engine, driving via a Borg and Beck clutch to a Triumph...

Page 103 of May 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 103, May 2004

Book reviews

Kieft Racing Cars — The Brigend Story By Peter Tutthill No ISBN Published by Peter Tutthill (Tel: 01208 812358) At Goodwood on Whit Monday 1951, a Kieft rocketed around the outside of the predominant Coopers at the first corner and simply disappeared. It helped that its driver was a young Stirling Moss, but even he, a racer in constant search of a technological edge, has stated that this car...

Page 42 of February 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, February 1979

Book reviews

"Morgan Sweeps the Board" by Dr. J. D. Alderson and D. M. Rushton. 255pp. 9¾" X 6¾" (Gentry Books Ltd., 16, Regency Street, London, SW1 . £9.95, One of the last books of 1978 was this chronological study of the Morgan 3-wheeler in competition, from 1910, to 1951 when production of these cars ceased - although Morgan 3-Wheeler Club members still race them, of course. I rate this splendidly-...

Page 56 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, March 1981

Book Reviews

"Alpine — The Classic Sunbeam" by Chris McGovern. 256 pp. 9 3/4" x 7". (Century Books Ltd., 15, Pont Street, London, SW1X 5EH. £9.95). With so many of the great and lesser makes of car now covered by one-make histories, authors have for some time been turning to one-model or sirnilarly-specialised books. "Alpine — The Classic Sunbeam" is such a book to be welcomed by those who like every facet of...



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