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Page 47 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, March 1979

The Editor looks at the legand of the invincible Talbot-Darracos

One of Louis Coatalen's great interests was motor racing and when he became Chief Engineer of the STD organisation he was able to indulge this whim to the full, perhaps at the expense of the share-holders. Naturally, he set his sights on winning the Grand Prix. In 1912 his small cars, based on the standard Sunbeams, had given the bigger cars a fright. In 1913 Coatalen's side-valve GP Sunbeam had...

Page 14 of February 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, February 1968

The Career of the Isotta-Maybach

So much interest has been created by last month's account of the aero-engined Wolseley Viper that I feel it permissible to write about another of these monster racing cars of the nineteen-twenties. The problem of which one to deal with is solved by what has gone before. Already, in writing of the racing cars in the Montagu Motor Museum and in other articles for Lord Montagu's magazine I have...

Page 13 of January 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, January 1928


CANCELLATION OF THE FRENCH GRAND PRIX. RACING CAR GRAND PRIX AT N1JRBURG RING. By our CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENT. The cancellation of the French Grand Prix for 1928 is an occurrence which will be regarded with much disappointment by all motor racing enthusiasts. The classic event was first run in 1906, twenty-two years ago, and up till the war it was merely called the Grand Prix, being the only...

Page 19 of November 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1933


RACING MARQUES GREAT BENTLEY The first car. THE name of Bentley was by no means unknown in the racing world before the first car bearing it ever made its appearance. All followers of the sport in pre-War days remembered " W.O. on his little D.F.P. in the 1914 T.T., and the plucky performance which he put up. When, therefore, directly after the war it became known that he was going to produce a...

Page 96 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, November 2003

A conflict of philosophies

The 3-litre twin-ohc Super Sports Sunbeam was among the most interesting of vintage cars, distinguished by its racing-type engine when not many others were so endowed. News that Louis Coatalen of the Sunbeam Motor Car Company in Wolverhampton had this new car in mind began to circulate early in 1924, but production did not commence until '25. Its six-cylinder engine had twin overhead camshafts...

Page 27 of August 1927 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, August 1927


GREAT RACING MARQUES. VI.—SALMSON. By E. K. H. KARSLAKE LA Societe des Moteurs Salmson was a well-known concern before the car bearing its name ever came into existence. Their original business was the manufacture of aeroplane engines, which acquitted themselves with great credit in the service of the French Air Force, and it was not until after the war that M. Armand Bovier, who realised the...

Page 5 of January 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, January 1928


PRIVATE CHALLENGES AND THE GREAT RACES. RACING enthusiasts cannot fail to have observed a considerable darkening of the winter sky, caused by a veritable hail of down-flung gauntlets, gages, or whatever superfluous handwear it was that our ancestors used, to signify a quarrelsome state of mind. We refer to the crop of private challenges and wagers which seems to have sprung up during the last few...

Page 8 of May 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, May 1925


MOTORING SPORTSMEN—continued. At the outbreak of war Mr. Duller joined up in the Royal Flying Corps at Brooklands, and very soon earned his " wings " as a pilot. On being transferred to Farnborough, at a later date, his motoring experience stood him in good stead, for he was entrusted with the responsible duties of testing all kinds of aeroplanes before they were passed for active service. "...

Page 16 of July 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, July 1997

Williams' other team

Sir, Space probably prevented Shaun Campbell from mentioning the brief connection of the mysterious `Williams' with the leading Anglo French Grand Prix team; Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq. Briefly, this unknown driver handled cars for STD, the Williams-Renault of his day. He drove both the Grand Prix car in the French GP the race of the year and one of the V12 Tiger/Tigress duo in the Formula Libre....

Page 7 of February 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, February 1939


GOOD OLD DAYS AT BROOKLANDS CONTINUING SOME RAMBLING REMINISCENCES OF A REGULAR BROOKLANDS HABITUE BEFORE reverting to the old photograph album which has inspired these memories, I must record that I have been taken to task by a reader for two inaccuracies in my first article. The first was that I included the Wolseley Viper among the number of "chaindriven aero-engined monsters," whereas in...



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