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Page 15 of February 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, February 1949

Book Review

"Motor Racing with Mercedes-Benz" (New edition.) By George Monkhouse (Foulis 21s.). Everyone will be enormously pleased to learn that this classic account of the part Mercédès-Benz played in Grand Prix racing from 1937 to 1939 has been re-issued. The new edition contains photographic reproductions of all those magnificent Kodak-caught pictures from the first edition and many new ones, revised...

Page 12 of February 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, February 1949

The Seventeenth Rembrandt

Cameron Earl gave a really excellent talk at the "Rembrandt" on January 22nd on his report on the German G.P. cars. Bob Gerard took the chair and George Monkhouse supported Earl. Gerard said it was disgraceful that we have lost Donington — Silverstone is certainly not a substitute and we want a road-circuit; Hyde Park would be Ideal. He thought 350 b.h.p. is needed to beat the Alfas and said...

Page 108 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, October 2014

Sterling silver

To conclude our trilogy of significant French motor sport anniversaries, we rewind 60 years to the day that Mercedes-Benz returned to Grand Prix racing – and obliterated its rivals Writer Richard Williams The first outsider to catch sight of the new Silver Arrow hadn’t a clue what he was looking at. Which was a relief to the Mercedes personnel, who allowed the photographer George Monkhouse to...

Page 13 of July 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, July 1938


Grand Prix THE visitation of the German team to this country last year has had a very far-reaching effect on enthusiasm in this country. Even those who were already well versed in motoring speed find that their interest in Brooklands racing and sprint events is now supplemented by a keen appreciation of the activities of Continental ace-drivers, and such folk find no difficulty now in associating...

Page 18 of June 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 1942

Club news

750 Club The 750 Club meeting at the "Osterley" on May 3rd went over big, as usual, many useful contacts being made, much motoring conversation indulged in, and, best of all, George Monkhouse showed his inimitable films of Grand Prix racing of the 1935-38 period. There is no gainsaying the value of these meetings as a break from the monotony or excitement of war-effort existence, and everyone who...

Page 29 of November 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 1938


THE J.C.C. FILM SHOW The J.C.C. gave easily the best motorracing film show ever, at Wardour Street, on November 2nd. All the best racing films were shown, with two of the best Micky Mouse cartoons and other pictures as a pleasant variation. The film showing the construction of the racing Austin Seven was well received and one wonders whether there is any significatfce about the taking of this...

Page 51 of February 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, February 1971

GP car construction

Sir, I have just read Mr. George Monkhouse's letter in the November issue of Motor Sport, in which he discusses the fragility of today's Grand Prix racing cars. I, too, have been horrified by the frequency of running-gear failures which these cars suffer and I feel that it is only due to good fortune that so few injuries have resulted. Without having their design freedom restricted, it is...

Page 92 of July 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, July 1990

The Complete History of Grand Prix Motor Racing

by Adriano Cimarosti. 432 pp. 11 1/2" x 9". MRP, Unit 6, The PiIton Estate, 46, Pitlake, Croydon, CRO 3RY £29.95 What an ambitious idea! The full history of GP racing from 1894 to 1989 in one volume. The dustjacket claims that Cimarosti covers not only all those races but also the drivers and the race tracks. Moreover the book is interspersed with little technical drawings of mechanical details...

Page 11 of October 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, October 1941


THE ENTHUSIASTS' RALLY THE second " Enthusiasts' Rally " took place with pronounced eclat at the Rembrandt Hotel on Sunday, October 5th. It was again organised by the B.O.(',, V.S.C.C. and E.R.A. Mb, and was fully as great a success as their previous entertainment at Cheasiogton in the summer. This time the programme consisted of luncheon and a film show by George Monkhouse, followed by tea....

Page 20 of March 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, March 1963

Book reviews

"United States Navy and Marine Corps Fighters, 1918-1962" Edited by Bruce Robertson. 248 pp. 11 1/4 in. x 8 5/8 in. (Harleyford Publications Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire. 50s.) This is another unique, very detailed, lavishly-illustrated Harleyford aeronautical book, perhaps of more interest to American than British aviation enthusiasts, but packed full of data, history, illustrations and scale...



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