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Page 5 of February 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, February 1936


KING GEORGE V In the death of His late Majesty King George the Fifth the British Empire, and' indeed the whole world, has sustained the most profound loss. At such times as this we are affected by a grief which transcends all other considerations, so that our sports, pastimes and mundane interests fall back, of necessity, before the realisation that the greatest Empire of all time, of which we...

Page 70 of June 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, June 1990

Grand Prix, World Formula One Championship 1989/90.

by Nigel Roebuck. 160 pp. 11"x 8 3/8" Published by Garry Sparke & Associates, Australia. Distributed in the UK by Motor Racing Publications, Unit 6, The Pilton Estate, 46 Pitlake, Croydon, Surrey CRO 3RY. £15.95 When it comes to producing attractive and well printed books, the Australians can show everybody a thing or two. Of these, then, it is Garry Sparke & Associates who are foremost...

Page 56 of August 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, August 1957


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The Vintage S.C.C. Oulton Park Meeting on August Bank Holiday will include the 100-km. Richard Seaman Memorial Trophies Race for vintage and historic racing cars, and many shorter races. There will also be a Concours d'Elegance and grand parade, which will be televised. This meeting is open to the public; V.S.C.C. members receive one free pass each on applying...

Page 32 of August 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, August 1977

The Bass Museum

The Bass Museum at Burton-upon-Trent was opened on July 16th by Sir Alan Walker, President of the Bass Charrington Group, to commemorate their 200 years of brewing. This compact but all-embracing museum is situated in an 1866 building within the Bass brewery at Horninglow Street. It tells of the history of brewing from the earliest days, and how the various brewing processes operate. The brewing...

Page 33 of March 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, March 1951


Sir, I was most interested to see one of 3 our readers suggesting the formation of a Crossley club in last month's issue. I own a 2-litre Silver Crossley saloon which is just twenty-one this year. Its arrogant jutting radiator and uncompromising body lines represent the very cream of classic vintage design, and as for comfort and performance- well I think the facts that these cars were supplied...

Page 34 of February 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, February 1986

Cars in books

From "Swans Reflecing Elephants — My early Years" by Edward James (Weidenfeld 8, Nicholson, 1982. edited by George Melly) we learn that the great British eccentric, who lived at the time of this book at West Dean in Sussex, where HM King George V attended shooting parties, had a Rolls-Royce when he was in America before the war, which figured in his pranks. and that when he went to Rome he got an...

Page 29 of March 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, March 1975

Random Renault Recollections

The Editor talks with "Tug" Wilson, who has been with Renault in England for 55 years Those who have had occasion to take their Renaults to the fine modern headquarters of Renault Limited, on London's Western Avenue, for servicing will very likely have encountered "Tug" Wilson. He knows a great deal about Renaults of all ages, having started with the British Company in 1920. That was at the...

Page 24 of January 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, January 1963

"Royal Motoring" by J. Dewar McLintock

554 pp. 9 in. x 5.75 in. (G. T. Foulis & Co. Ltd., 1-5, Portpool Lane, London, E.C.1. 25s.) This is a book to which I had looked forward with enthusiasm; I had not had it in my hands for very long before being overwhelmed with disappointment. For those seeking yet another popular book about British royalty, written with respect and caution, in which, as the author calls them, "motors" figure...

Page 36 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Dawn of "The Daimler" Last month's issue of Motor Sport had quite a Daimler flavour to it, what with my description of an outing up Shelsley Walsh in the British Leyland Heritage/Coventry Museum's fine big Edwardian of that make, and my article about the motor-cars of Mr. Bolton, a gentleman who had a preference for Daimlers and drove them at Shelsley...

Page 18 of February 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, February 1961

White Elephantitis-encounter with a silent knight

There is the crack about a Daimler that, unless they are Royalty, most people ride in one only twice in their lives, to their wedding and at their funeral, one the sequentiality of the other. In spite of this unkindness the Daimler was, and is, a grand marque, rivalling a Rolls in the affection of Dukes and Duchesses. In the early vintage days any great occasion had Daimlers as well as Rolls-...



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